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Little Precaution, Big Relief


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Precautions for children

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The very moment our little one enters the world, one thing  we are most concerned about is their care and hassle-free upbringing. The care of a new born counts for way too much attention and if you are a first time parent, going hysterical is obvious. 

As first time parents, we find couples in a dilemma about alot of things- from the way of bathing a child to kind of clothes they should make the baby wear to which baby products should be used and many more.

Amidst all these confusions ,one thing we are sure about is that 'our baby should deal with no discomfort' And hence,from my personal experience, I would like to share some basic care areas which if included in routine, will help you in the day to day care of your new born.

  1. Bathing the little bundle-Bathing a new born is one of the most challenging tasks. We are all perplexed from where to hold them and where to lay them. So here is a life savior for all of you-Baby BatherThis is one of the things that will make your early days of the motherhood journey a bit easier. No matter how hard we clean our bathrooms,there is always room for infections as the skin of a new born is softer and delicate even than a rose petal. So these bathers give you an amazing, easy and hygienic experience to bathe your little munchkin as you are no longer required to hold the baby or put them down on the floor. After every daily bath, you can place the bather to dry in sunlight.

*These are most helpful for babies new born up to the time they can sit without any assistance. Once babies start sitting, you can go for baby tubs.

Dettol in every bath-Dettol antiseptic liquid is a proven safe and effective antiseptic that provides protection against a wide range of germs and is trusted for generations. It is recommended by Indian medical association. Add a few drops daily to your baby's bath water and you are on the go.

*Using neem water by boiling neem leaves in the baby's bath water is the best and most natural way of fighting germs but as its not available with everyone, hence Dettol being easily available is strongly recommended.

  1. Using dettol in washing clothes-For the benefits of dettol stated in point no. 2,its advisable to put a few drops of dettol in the water being used to wash your little one's clothes,in addition to the detergent powder.

4.Drying the clothes in sunlight-The natural heat of the sunlight is not only the best disinfectant but also will make your baby's cloth fresh and smell wonderful. Also always make sure that the baby should never be wearing damp  clothes as damp clothes breed fungal infections

  1. Cleanliness of toys-Make sure you clean your baby's toys time to time as babies are in a habit of putting everything in mouth and we usually and for obvious reasons make toys easily approachable for them. You can put soft toys in the sunlight every week as germs breed more in the fur.

6.No chemicals on the skin, no matter what- Say a strict no to any kind of creams and lotions or oils of any brand ,no matter what the brands claim. Stick to coconut oil initially. You may use soap for bathing occasionally. All those hi-fi brands are so tempting but nothing beats coconut oil.

*Virgin coconut oil is very much in trend these days due to its purity but in my personal opinion ,Parachute coconut oil is just fine. Extra purity might also not be good for immunity of the baby but it totally depends on your point of view.

  1. Say yes to nappies- Diapers definitely make your life easier but not of the baby. New borns have super sensitive skin and use of diapers results to rashes and discomfort for the babies. Its better to resort to nappies so the tiny one feels free and comfortable.One practice you may adopt is -letting the baby enjoy in nappy all through the day and making them wear a diaper at night. This will provide them a good night sleep.

*Cloth diapers can be preferred over the regular plastic diapers as they are for sure more skin friendly.

So,these are some simple tips to make you and your baby's initial journey happy,safe and comfortable.


Bulbul TunakiaBulbul is a banker and a full life mommy of a 3 months old angel. Writing is her passion and she has written for many magazines and won competitions as well. You can connect with her on facebook-Facebook


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