List of Baby Essentials To Make Travelling Easy and Fun!


I always heard of the quote “With great things come great responsibilities”. Only recently, motherhood made me realise “With the tiniest of human beings, come the greatest responsibilities”. Motherhood changes our life for good. Being carefree is now a thing of the past, because you are required to be on your toes 24*7. Calm, Cautious and Careful are the 3 very important C's of a mother's life. A mother is required to stay calm at all times. While she also has to be extra cautious and exceedingly careful in whatever she does for the baby. From selecting the right diet to the most comfy clothes, a mother is all the time required to decide on what suits the child best.

Family vacation before you became a mother were just a hop, scotch and jump away without much packing, thinking and forecasting. But it will not be the same anymore. Immense planning and execution has to be done before you take the plunge. The shortest staycation with a newborn and you start planning eons in advance. Written notes, unending WhatsApp chats, and checklists with friends are all a part of the journey. Take some useful tips to travel with a baby from a relatively new but super-cautious mom.

Think Twice- Pack Wise

Travel Easy, Travel Light is the philosophy you could certainly follow for yourself but not for the baby. You are required to pack those extra sets of clothes for the baby to handle an excess throwing up or poop kind of situation. Select clothes that are comfortable. Uncomfortable clothing can cause crankiness among your child and that is one thing you don't want on a holiday. If you are traveling to a relatively cold location pack that snuggly woolen wear. Not just one but a couple or even more depending on the number of days of travel. Don't forget to click the cutest picture of your snuggle bunny!

Health And Safety First

“Safety First” is “Safety Forever”. Those who think about safety first are those who plan for a safe future. A first-aid kit should be the top-most consideration when packing your travel bag. It should always be kept handy. Make sure it has medicines for the general cold, cough, fever, stomach infection that kids are prone to. Take along creams and lotions to treat insect bites. Add bandages and disinfectants to treat small wounds. A first-aid kit with the necessary medicines and basic first aid essentials can prove to be a blessing in case of an emergency.

Hygienic Food And Water Supplies

Babies until they turn one and half to two years old are not ready to consume all kinds of food. It is always advisable to carry the baby food your child is accustomed to. This should also include the baby milk that best suits your child. Carry sufficient quantities of boiled or safe drinking water that can only be used for the baby. Any kind of contaminated food or water for the baby during travel is a strict no!

Unmissable Baby Essentials

A child is a gift from God. Gifts always get extra care. Likewise, a baby also deserves the utmost care. A few months into parenting and we know what suits our baby the best. Every child's skin is different and what might suit one, might not suit the other. From quick diaper to soaps to lotions, give your child what he/she is most comfortable with even while traveling. To avoid any inconveniences to the baby and to yourself during travel, pack your baby travel essentials in diaper bags. These include baby item like soap, lotion, baby towel, napkin, blanket, extra diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, mosquito repellents, disposable bags, tissues. (P.S- keep them handy).

Fun And Play On Your Way

A neon rattle or the soft multi-color ball, there is one toy that your baby loves to play with. This favorite toy attracts him/her the most. You show them ten other things and they are not happy, but this special toy can shift your baby's mood from cranky to happy. Let this toy or your baby's best friend be your travel companion throughout. So while you're waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant or at an unexpected stopover, this toy will definitely help you keep your child engaged.

Comfort Plus Convenience 

What makes a holiday better is added comfort and convenience even though you are plus one now. Baby carrier, travel strollers, and cots are blessings in disguise. They make your leisure time lighter and brighter. If you are doing a road trip, an infant car seat with a good seat base is a must. It is safe, comfortable and convenient for the baby and for you. It certainly guarantees a better road trip. To make your morning walks and sightseeing lighter on your shoulders, all you need is a lightweight stroller. You don't have to worry about holding the baby all the time and feel exhausted. This lightweight stroller will definitely help you share the load. If the baby is used to sleeping on a cot, make sure you pack the travel cots first. Or else be prepared for some sleepless nights. With the slightest change in the bedding and babies are ready to stay up the whole night.

For the first time with so much pre-family travel prep to be done, a vacation may sound less exciting and more like a burden. But good planning is equivalent to getting half the job done. Moreover, well-organized things make your task even easier. Once done perfectly, this planning and organization will become a habit. Holidays with a baby will not sound like a burden anymore. But instead, you will be eagerly waiting for the much-needed break after those continuous hours, days, weeks, and months of parenting. This new addition to your life will not just add up in your family photos but will also add to the joyful memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

Road Trip and traveling with Kids, Is Crazy and Fun, Although You Always, Have To Be On The Run!

Saadiya is a full-time mom and a part-time content writer. She loves cooking lip-smacking meals for the two males in the house (beloved husband and naughty son). Creating art has always been her forte ,whether in the form of written content or beautiful handicrafts. 

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