Letters To Myself As A New Mom - 'A' For Acceptance

Letters to myself as a new mom - A for acceptance
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Dear new mom,

It hasn’t been many days since you came home from the hospital with your little one. You don’t know why he is crying even after you have changed his diaper and fed him too. You have held him close to you and rocked him to sleep. You still don’t know for sure why he cried. Accept it. Accept that you will not know the reasons for the many cries, many tantrums and the many hugs too. Accept that there will be a lot of unknown in this long journey of motherhood. The faster you are able to accept, the easier things will be.

Your little one is turning one soon. He doesn’t have a mouth full of teeth like your neighbour’s kid or walk like your neice. Accept that he has his own pace in which he will grow and prosper. Accept and allow him to be himself. Make sure that you can accept that it’s alright too. Because, in no time, he is going to be running around your house like lightning. And biting off parts of everything he can get his mouth on.

It’s his second birthday and he just says a few words. His playmates are singing nursery rhymes and chanting the ABC. Accept that he will do it too, in time. Accept that even if you have tried your best to teach him and communicate with him, he will take his time. Calm yourself because you are going to miss this small window of silence once he starts talking in multiple languages. He is going to ramble nonstop like an express train. Now you need to teach him to slow down.

When on his first day of school, he gives you a big hug and shouts ‘Bye’, accept that little tear that runs down your face. Your little boy is growing up and you know you will miss him always. Accept that there will be days that he will not want to go to school and days that he will be rushing off forgetting you. There is a lot more to come.

A day he will come home all sad and upset, because of a rude remark by a friend. Accept that it’s you that he comes to for comfort. Also accept that you cannot always protect him. The anger and hurt you feel is also a form of the love you have for your precious child. Accept the responsibility to teach him right from wrong. He will learn from you.

And a day comes, when you have to accept that he is growing up, he is discovering the world, that he will have new friends, he will want to spend more time with them, that he falls in love and that he will have his own family. He will always be your boy but accept him as he wants you to.

Accept his failures as you would his successes. Accept his shortcomings as you would his intelligence. Accept him for who he is and most importantly accept yourself for who you are. You are more than his mother, you are a guide, a teacher, a confidante, a friend, a complete woman.

When you practice acceptance, your child will learn to accept himself and the world around him. He will learn to be resilient and tolerant. The world needs more people like him at this moment. Will you teach him acceptance?


With acceptance,





Uma Nigith

Uma Nigith considers herself to be a global citizen with a Indian heart. A Malayalee by birth, educated in the Middle East, moved to Bangalore after her wedding and then to France where she has been residing for the past seven years. She's mom to two very active children. Her passion for reading and writing ignited when she was 6, by the librarian in her school.  She has written for many online portals. Currently she teaches English and hopes to be a source of motivation to students all over the world. She believes that education and compassion is the answer to all the problems in the world and one day wishes to create equal opportunities for all children.



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  • Posted on by Ratheena

    Waah , wonderful work ! Any Mom can find herself in your write up ..

  • Posted on by Sheeba Vinay

    Absolutely true..along with playing that wonderful role of motherhood, acceptance and love is utmost important…and it starts from self…
    Very well written Uma…

  • Posted on by Smitha

    Good one Uma .. Acceptance does lead to true contentment…

  • Posted on by Hema Idhayan

    Well narrated Uma! Motherhood is indeed a leaning pad for each mother. We learn with our kids. Each kid is a school, by the time we get the second kid we graduate I guess😃. Yes, true that through failures he learns to be successful. Accepting is indeed the first step to conquer our failures…good read.

  • Posted on by Yogita

    Very well written Uma. Meaningful and inspiring text. Love it

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