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Importance Of Teaching Vedic Mantras To Your Kids

 The habit of chanting has greatly influenced my life that there isn’t a single day I have missed to say it. This is the reason that I strongly feel teaching...


We all know Sanskrit is the mother of languages and her contribution in Vedic “slokas' ' and “mantras” is tremendous. When I was studying in school our teachers were very keen in teaching us the basic slokas; we used to pray before we begin the classes, during lunch and also at the end of the day. The habit of chanting has greatly influenced my life that there isn’t a single day I have missed to say it. This is the reason that I strongly feel teaching Vedic slokas and mantras to children is one of the crucial parts of parenting.

The same applies to the holy bible and the holy Quran. Reciting these Vedic mantras on a daily basis inculcates a lot of values that positively affect the vision of our life.

Here are a few benefits of chanting mantras and slokas:

  • Relaxes the mind and soul 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Boosts immunity (when you are happy your immunity gets boosted)
  • Regulates breathing pattern and heartbeat.(while chanting)
  • Improves concentration and memory power.


Ways to inculcate spiritual values to kids: - 

  1. Parents as role model 

I will tell you the best example, whenever I come to light the Diya’s, my son Narain is so keen in fuming the incense sticks that it creates goosebumps in me. The tender mind is enthusiastically involved in lighting the sticks, that innocent little child is unaware that he is spiritually attached to God at this very moment.

  1. Relatable mythological true stories 

Whenever there are any festive celebrations like Holi, Deepawali, Navarathri, as a parent, take the child in your arms or make him sit beside you, to explain the beliefs and customs included in the festivals. Tell them great stories behind every occasion that they really feel the urge to connect with God. 

  1. Explain the nature of God

 The best bridge to please God is to communicate with him by remembering him. And how to remember him? Remember him by saying his name, just as we call each other by names. It can be either recalling his name for a definite number of times, it can be by reciting slokas or also we can chant a definite kind of mantra. All of you must have tried any one of these correctly?  The Almighty doesn’t ask for any big thing, but these cute gestures by the kids as well as by adults pleases him to a great extent.

When we grow older we tend to understand the meaning of the mantras and feel quite blissful and blessed. We tend to cherish the childhood memories of childish articulations of the mystic words which brings a sense of peace and smile. As a child we chant without knowing the seriousness of the impact on our soul, body and mind.

What are slokas and mantras?

Slokas are poetic forms of praising the God which are simple to be taught to kids. Mantras are recited with specific purpose which helps in meditation. 

Mantras also can be taught to kids though they are a bit complicated, with the guidance of the mentor (Guru). Mantras during deep meditation take the person to the next level. For example, my father does mediation regularly by chanting mantras, and one fine day he was able to sense a new kind of world, where at once he stopped chanting without going further. I am sharing this experience just to advise that during deep meditation one loses his own self and moves out of the body called as Out of the body experience. This kind of action requires close supervision of the Guru, otherwise it would be fatal for the meditator.

There are simple mantras which can be taught to children they are:

Guru mantra, Devi mantra, Shanti mantra and Gayatri mantra. 

Definitely, children will like these and recite them with ease!

Do tell me if you have some other slokas or mantras to be taught to kids.



Yashodha Rao is an enthusiastic mom of two super-cute sons, has completed graduation in Commerce stream and has experience in Banking and Finance domain. She likes reading books and has written articles for the Kids Zone in The Indian Express during school days. Also, she owns blog site powered by Google:

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