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Importance Of Teaching Kids Outdoor Games

by Poonam Nanwani Shah 14 Dec 2020 0 Comments

Teaching Kids To Play Outside

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash



In today’s world if we see parents life so it’s actually more busy especially mommies and due to which we are unable to reach needs or requirements of our kids. As we can have a view that today’s world is full of social life especially social sites and which actually making us and our kids addictive. Though as a parent we avoid to be on social sites on safer side I.e. it is obvious the things which we do the same is being repeated by our kids. So we pretend to not using smartphone or laptop rather we do utilize.

Here, we sometimes think that why don’t they move out or play outdoor games as we use to in our childhood. But does anyone had given a thought that, “they don’t approach outdoor games as they are not aware so basically aren’t we are letting them to do whatever they wish to? Or I can say isn't it’s our responsibility to make our kids aware to know the games or things which we use to enjoy. Here my answer is yes, we think even sometimes we give a try; however due to our busy schedule we let go our kids the way they wish to play or to enjoy their free time or else we make them to go to school for various activities. We make them be engaged in whatever activities the school provides or else whatever the trendy activities nowadays however we forgot to get in touch with our kids as and whether they are comfortable with the things which we burden on them.

So, here are some points which give you proper view with respect to necessity of sports in kids life, especially those who are just the beginners… the preschool ones.

Communication development: as soon as the kids get along with their peers so they start getting to know each other properly and this gets interesting only when communication happens. Here it’s our responsibility to let teach our kids that communication matters a lot and how to communicate. We even should let them know to stay alert from strangers.

Co-operative: with the growing age kids do start becoming the way- they belong: for example; family, friends, teachers many more in their surroundings. However the better role or major role play, is of their parents and siblings where the kid learn how to co-operate with each other if there are good values thought or rather they build up with thought process which results in in- cooperative. So but obvious here in small age we have  to be a backbone so they must be on right path. This way they start their journey in social life where they have to face the society where they face the actual situations.

Responsibility: whenever child is allowed to play with their peers or friends so here they feel the responsibility of belonging towards the games whichever they chose and they play accordingly. So here we can get to know their new phase.

Leadership: as we know that kids are full of enthusiasm so it is obvious that whenever they are playing they do owe one quality I. e. Of leadership and where everybody wish to be a leader. Though there need to be only one leader still, they give their cent percent so that they can be the leader of that particular game and this way they even has to face situations in real life in which they do play leadership role very well; since they already have gone through indirectly during their childhood.

Understanding: as soon as the kids get along with each other undoubtedly during play time or if they are together in school or tuition class their comes the understanding and which again plays a major role in life. We as a parents here, need them to make understand the things how to express others and how to tackle things.

Ownership: due to outdoor games, kids do have some ownership where they take some responsibility, for which they become the owner and as per that they behave in their group .the same situations arise as they grew up and with the growth they learn such many things.

Social: by playing outdoor they as well as learn to be social. As there are many kids who always wants to stay alone and don’t get along with anyone. So here the major role is of parents to convey or to make the habit for kids to mingle with their friends or peers who are there in touch with whether they could be school friends, tuition friend then ;if kids are going for activities so can have friendship with those kids. These things allows them to be social and help them to stay healthy irrespective of parents presence.

Active: as a parents it’s our duty to keep our kids active and active means anything whatever work we perform at home even that matters. For example : if we are washing clothes so how we put clothes in bucket for rinsing than putting powder many more things relating to Washing clothes. We can even let them sort vegetables which can help them to be more active and even help to gain knowledge.

Independent: though as a parents we are very much concern about our kids and we are ready to serve anything they wish. However here we have to maintain some values I.e. discipline should be there due to which kids will come to know that they have to do something to achieve any goals or gifts from parents. This way they become independent and the discipline helps them to focus on things they do as well as even, they start to implement as they grew.


With this I would like to end the shared blog and wish to know if this could be helpful. Kindly share your comments in comment section.




Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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