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Importance Of Taking Time-Off As A Mom

We understand that moms are willing to sacrifice everything for their loved ones but it is high time you realize the worth of your own mind and body. Whether you...

Taking Time Off As A Mom

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All of us know how hectic it can be to be a mom. To always be there for your children and your family. It needs a lot of hard work and patience to multitask like you do. We understand that moms are willing to sacrifice everything for their loved ones but it is high time you realize the worth of your own mind and body. Whether you are working or a stay at home mom, there comes a time when you just want to pause it all, take a step back and relax.

Time outs are a way to express that you care about yourself; they are a way to understand that you are not just a mom. You are women with dreams. This belief can keep you on your feet once your babies are older and independent. That will be the time when you are going to feel a little left out, and that will be the time when you will realize that doing all these things have kept you motivated.

  • Write a journal/diary: There are a few things in life which we cannot express to anyone. Few thoughts that we want to keep to ourselves. You can do that just by penning them down in your personal diary. You may not write every day, and that is absolutely ok. But having a place to express your emotions opens up a lot of space for fresh thoughts in the mind.
  • Keep reading: There is no better escape than reading. Reading has been the most helpful factor for people around the world when it comes to lounging and gaining knowledge at the same time. Plus, what better thing that will set a great example for your kids! You can read anything and everything. And you know it’s not going to be a waste. Imagine yourself with a face pack, a drink in one hand and a good book in the other. Sounds amazing aren’t it?
  • Yoga & meditation: While other things might require you to eliminate a task from your to do list, this just takes 10minutes. Meditation even done for a few minutes will relax your mind and help you clear the air of negativity around you. It also helps you keep calm and composed especially during stressful times. Yoga helps stretch your body. Practicing yoga everyday enhances your flexibility and keeps you fit, and who doesn’t want to be fit!
  • Call a friend: Make that phone call to your close friend that’s been pending for days. Open yourself up, laugh your heart out and make plans with them. Calls with your best friend also allow you to talk about everyday things that need a second opinion. One single call in a few days will turn out to be a stress buster. It will also let your friend know that you care.
  • Window shopping: Who said you have to buy everything that you like? You don’t. But one thing you can do is try on beautiful dresses that make you feel pretty and confident. This is a way to realize how beautiful of a woman you are!
  • Go for a run: Wake up early in the morning, put your tracks on, plug in your earphones & go for a run. Jogging boosts your energy and early morning fresh air brings positivity for the rest of the day. It might be tough in the first few days but once it becomes a routine, it becomes a habit.
  • Massages & bubble baths: What more relaxing than a full body massage once in a while? A day that includes an evening of you in a bath tub with bubbles surrounding you and wine. Feels double as amazing as it sounds. Both of these things require just an hour of your time from that busy schedule of yours.

Be it anything that you want to do from these things, give yourself in! I know it is not easy to prioritize yourself above the needs of your children and family. Sometimes it seems impossible, but it is not! Once you get a taste of how peaceful it feels, you will be the one to make sure to maintain that in your routine life. Show your kids how happy and fulfilled you can be, make a change, and start today! How many of you amazing moms wish to start afresh?




Aishwarya K

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