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Ideas For Best Baby Gifts To New Parents

Blog Submitted by Monaz Parekh


Best Baby Gifts For New Parents

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A baby is definitely the apple of the eye for the parents. It brings along with itself a whole new world of its own. The life of parents definitely changes after a baby is born. There are a number of baby gifts which parents can either gift to themselves, or friends and relatives can gift it to the new parents. Since the new parents themselves do not have time to shop, it is best if their friends and family offer them the best baby gifts. There is a wide range of gifting options available in the market. From clothes to toiletries, from accessories to feeding apparatus, the list goes on. But deciding on what the best baby gifts are, is just a matter of choice depending on the needs of the individual.

Read on to find out!


Ideas for the best baby gifts:

  1. Strollers

It can be tiresome carrying the baby around everywhere after the baby grows a little older, especially while traveling. Thus, the best baby gift to be given here is a lightweight stroll which can be taken anywhere, even inside the aircraft. This would be useful for the parents to keep the baby in it while traveling, or helping the baby have a stroll in the park, or just simply to spend an evening relaxing at the beach.

  1. Sleep Sacks

Babies get very irritated if they are deprived of their beauty sleep. Be it during a routine day or while traveling. In order to ensure that a baby gets a sound and comfortable sleep, one can gift a sleep sack to the parents of the baby. It is also a good baby gear when the couple is traveling with the baby as it helps the baby to feel cozy and protects it from extreme temperatures.

  1. Diaper and Changing Bags

A baby can have a nature's call at any time. So, as a parent, one has to be ready for it on all occasions. A diaper bag or baby bag is one of the best gifts that young parents can be given. Not only is it useful, but it is handy to carry all the baby essentials whenever the baby is taken outside the house. A baby bag with multiple sections for clean diapers, feeding bottles, clothes and other storage items is the best option.

  1. Baby clothes

A newborn needs a variety of clothes to cover the delicate parts of his/her body. They need caps, socks, mittens, t-shirts, nappies and what not. And that's not all, these are needed in nothing less than a dozen quantity due to the need to frequently change clothes during the day. There are complete baby clothing sets available in the market based on the age of the baby. This is one of the best gifts to be given even before the baby is born, since it helps the parents to know how to plan the rest of the shopping before the baby arrives.


It can be clearly seen that babies have a variety of special needs to be catered to. Many a times, it becomes difficult for the parents alone to satisfy all these needs. Thus, if they are provided with some of the best baby gifts, it definitely offers them a helping hand. There are a variety of options available to choose from. One can give simple gifts such as clothing or diaper bags or go for elaborate gifts such as car seat or stroller. The choice is yours. So, head to that baby store near you and gift your loved ones something special!



Monaz ParekhMonaz Parekh is a professor turned writer from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She left academic teaching after her daughter's birth and took up freelance content writing as a profession. Since then she has been writing for various clients on a variety of niche be it fashion, travel, parenting, etc. 


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