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How To Make Your Kid Eat Healthy

We wonder how to feed our babies in a healthy way and manner so to avoid any health issues and at the same time to maintain their immune system strong....

How To Make Your Kids Eat Healthy
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As a mom, we are always busy with number of things to be perform however the important  work of us, is to feed our kids especially toddlers as they are too small to have food by themselves and not only this but even if we feed them still, there are number of tantrums hence we end up convincing them to have their food. With the view of feeding them along with we wonder to feed our babies in a healthy way and manner so to avoid any health issues and at the same time to maintain their immune system strong…

Here are some quick ideas how you can help your toddlers and kids to have healthy food:

Have food in front of them

If possible, We should always try to have food in front of our kids, so that they tend to enjoy with us and at the same time they have craving to have food as they wish to know what exactly their parents are eating and not offering to them. With this tendency, kids will surely have their food.

Offer finger foods

Always ensure that there are eatables which are easily available and if not so must try to make available, as this makes things easier to both parents and kids. It could be anything fruits,paneer,boiled veggies which are healthy and nutritious at same time.

You can add pancakes

The other best possible way is to add pancakes which are again healthy and nutritious however, one should ensure that we are offering the one which is full of nutrition. For example : ragi pancake, oats pancake, semolina than many more varieties available.

Don’t offer junk food

We must make things sorted, as generally kids do have tendency to consume junk food and this happens only when we make habit of getting those items available at ease accessible for kids. Though even parents are concerned about kids health still sometimes it happens that we provide even junk food, so here we must prepare ourselves not to provide unhealthy foodstuffs which indirectly weakens kids immune system too.

Involve in educational activities and avoid screening time while feeding

As a parent we are aware that we should not have habit of anything while having food, which indirectly not only helps to concentrate on food as well as, we are able to digest food in a proper manner with required nutrition.

Eat in a group

We as a family always must have our lunch or dinner atleast once together so, that kids develop the habit of togetherness and at the same time they are keen to know what and how family is enjoying meal so that even they can have an opportunity to taste and at the same time to know the benefits of food.

Proper timing

We must always be sure and concern that, our kids must have their food on time so to avoid any mid breaks which again leads to have insufficient and unhealthy food. If we prepare ourselves that kids to have food on time so; even they will tend to develop these healthy habits and that too nutritious food.

I wish to end up my blog here, kindly give your input if any, so even I can learn the new way of having healthy food for my kids.




Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 



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