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How to Make Lockdown Productive for Kids

by Shreya Jain 18 May 2021 0 Comments


Covid-19 is something which has changed the way we use to live our life. And this pandemic situation creates a difficult task for parents to handle their kids and keep them busy the whole day.

Children can’t stay quiet and do any single stuff. And it is more troublemaker for parents to engage their kids in some activities without letting them go outside and play. 

But it is also the best time when you are getting enough to brush up your children's extracurricular activities. All the parents know their kid's interests so well. so, you should make a proper daily routine for your baby and design some activities according to the babies' interest to engage your kids at home. 

I am suggesting some activities which kids love to do:

PaintingKids love to play with colors. And nowadays you have a lot of time to bring out the inner Picasso. By allowing them to play with colors. Let them be free with colors and board and ask them to put their imagination out on board.

Board gamesThis is the right time to teach your baby some board games. When kids can go out and play, they don’t like to play board games. When they are in, make their time more interesting in learning some new board games. 

Do a learning activity - Schools are closed. And parents are handling all the burden to make their kids learn and study well. And if you will make babies study time more playful then it will be easy for them to learn things fast. Because while playing babies learn new things very fast.

Craft and paper - Kids love to do crafting. so, whenever your child is bored, bring out the box of paper, scissors, color, tapes, and other accessories. And nowadays there are many papercraft activities available. Which helps to improve kids' paper-folding skills. Ask your child to make greetings for grandparents. You can also teach them origami, a new generation paper folding. 

Singing - Music is something that can smooth and positive the vibes around you. Nowadays many online classes are going on which help kids to learn basic music and musical instruments. 

Dancing - Turn on the high music and have a dance party. The dance party is the best way to teach your child new moves and utilizing kids' energy to the fullest. Children are super active, and they can enjoy a dance party for many hours. 

Balloon games - There are many games which can be designed with balloons. You can ask your child not to let the balloon touch the ground or ask your baby to blow the balloon till the finish line at some time. 

Movie time - Kids love to watch an animated movie. And nowadays many documentaries are available so you can also teach history while watching movies. And it is one of the best entertainment sources. 

Activity kitsNowadays many activity kits are available according to children's age group. And these kits are specially designed by the experts according to the baby's age. And it is one of the best ways to teach new things very easily. 

Staying at home is the best way to keep COVID out. So, make your baby's home time more interesting and worth it. 

Stay Home Stay Safe


Shreya Jain is a mother of a three year old and a blogger. Parenting made her learn many things with time. She loves to share everything she has learned along the way and help new parents.
She says, "Parenthood is a beautiful journey so just enjoy it fully".

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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