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How to Keep Kids Emotionally Balanced In These Tough Times

by Divya Jain 14 May 2021 5 Comments
How to Keep Kids Emotionally Balanced In These Tough Times


Year 2020 came in with a lot of disturbances and uncertainties. We all were celebrating new year and thought it to be the regular year ahead. But as time passed and Covid19 hit globally badly .Initially, it all started with closing of the schools of our kids and then progressing towards night curfews and then lockdown everywhere. It all happened so sudden that we didn't get time to understand what is happening all around and a sort of unknown fear was surrounded around all of us .

Everyone had their own kind of struggles from trying to sustain without maids, working from home with kids around and all household chores and what not. We all were going crazy with all this and then to top it all fear of the disease and all negative news from all around. But we realized it a lot later that most affected by all this tough time were our little kids whose schools were closed abruptly, they were allowed to go to the park, were not allowed to meet their friends. But they were not able to express what they were going through. 

Today I thought of sharing some tips which I used to keep my daughter emotionally strong during this time( though I realised quite a late). So, here are some pointers which we all can try for our little kids.

Keeping up with the rhythm of the day : During all this time, I tried my best to keep my daughter with the daily rhythm .Be it  getting up around the same time, completing her morning chores, having all her meals at same time. I tried to make her do on the same time everyday which helped me completing my tasks efficiently and keeping her in discipline. 

Maintaining the natural sleep cycle : When the schools were opened then our kids had to keep up with their sleeping cycle. But as schools closed for indefinite time, their sleeping routine went for a toss. We mothers were also liberal to let them enjoy their holidays. But sooner I realized that this holiday is not for a certain time and if we don't maintain her natural sleep cycle then definitely we will mess up with her health. So, I worked to make her sleeping routine regular and with little extra efforts was able to keep up her natural sleep cycle. Natural sleep cycle is going with the nature. This is same what our elders used to teach us, 'early to bed early to rise' concept. And trust me I'm also at peace as she gets up early which means all the daily chores will be done on time and by the end of the day we also get our time to relax as our daughter sleeps on time. By this, she is always fresh and happy all through the day.

Asking for help: As we all were under lockdown, we all had to do all the household chores by ourselves with kids and husband at home all the time. This was really draining for all of us as were not habitual of all this. So, it's better to ask for help from little wonders. And trust me, when we ask them for help they are more than happy to help. They also get the feeling of being capable and responsible. So, it's a win-win situation for mother and kids both as the tasks get done with the help and kids also feel motivated and it boosts their confidence.

Playing with kids: I don't think any of us has got this much time to spend with our kids ever before this. So, why not utilize this to strengthen our bond with them. We decided to designate a time in the entire day as 'our playtime'. At this time ,we all used to play together. Be it board games or some fun games like hide n seek, chor-police, chidiya udd and many more. And trust me ,playing all these with our daughter, took us to our childhood memories and we literally started enjoying our playtime with her. There is a difference in playing alone and playing as a team. And through this, our kids also learn teamwork, patience and understand several other emotions as well. Here are some of the toys your little ones can play and learn from.

Family meal time: Just think of once, when other than weekends when we used to get the time for eating meals together as family. Hardly it used to happen, although we used to make sure we had our family meal time on weekends. But this lockdown period gave us this opportunity to have all our meals together. This way our daughter also started enjoying her food. She started helping me in setting  up the table, paid attention towards everyone on the table and then clearing the table. Family meal time is magical which helps us to strengthen and bond with each other. And this time make our kids emotionally strong too. Here are some of our kids dinnerware.

These were some of my pointers which I follow to keep my daughter emotionally balanced. There might be some of yours as well. We all can get through this time together and for that our kids emotional health is an important factor. Do try these tips and you can see the difference and happy faces. Do let me know in comments what do you think of these pointers. I'm sure all mothers and parents do their best for their kids. And sharing such tips with each other ,we can sail through this tough time This too shall pass and our kids will be back to their normal happy childhood life again.

 Click here for tips on how to develop patience in children.

Divya is a mother of 4year old, an Engineer by degree & took up baking as a profession out of her sheer passion. She loves writing as it allows her to share real time experiences with friends who are moms like her. She decided to take this hobby to blogging & reach out moms of the world to exchange experiences and learn collectively in this journey.

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19 May 2021 Arati Naik

Fantastic tips . They are so doable. Every mother can incorporate all these tips so easily in her routine. Very well written blog.

17 May 2021 Gargi sood

Very nicely explained Divya ji….worth reading for every mom…

15 May 2021 Roopali

This is so relatable! Thanks for sharing :)

15 May 2021 Prachi

This is perfect and very helpful for every mom who is struggling to manage kids at home…Thanks for sharing wonderful tips!!

15 May 2021 Shruti

Wow, perfectly written down every point thank u for little but important tips

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