How To Improve Your Kids' Immunity

How To Improve Kids' Immunity
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The most common discussion in this pandemic time was to gain immunity or increase your immunity level. Are we doing everything right to help our kids to gain immunity? How are we helping our kids to achieve the highest immunity against virus attacks? There is no need to look for some magic formula or medicine to help your kids gain immunity. There are simple tricks that can make them ready to face the world.

1) Activity is most important

Even though all of us were locked inside for a few months, there is a need to start life again. Yes, we need to be careful, but we need to give the highest importance to our kid's physical activity. Think about how you can achieve it. Could you encourage them to run or walk daily? Involve them in sports and games and allow them to sweat out.

2) Inclusion of antioxidants

It is very important to include something in your kid’s diet which can become their daily source of antioxidants. Try to make a routine such as two dates and a glass of milk. Give it daily without excuse. If your kid is small and refuses to eat dates, then find other methods. You can give them date syrup along with milk. It is said that just with dates and milk, a human can survive for years.

Trick: Take two glasses of milk and boil it by adding a date. You need to bring into boil and the quantity should reduce to one glass. This is the best and safest health drink you can give to your kid. It aids in weight gain; it can act as an immunity booster, making your kid healthy.

3) Brahmi- the best immunity booster

If you have access to Brahmi leaves, you must use it in your kid’s diet. The herb is well-known for its memory-boosting properties. But, meantime, it can protect your kid from various infections and thus bring overall well-being. Due to online classes and lack of exposure to the outside world, your kid may be experiencing a lot of stress inside. When you include Brahmi in their diet, it helps them to focus better.

Trick: Brahmi is available in syrup as well as in powder form. But, if you get fresh Brahmi, it is better. Just give them few leaves of Brahmi in the morning as soon as they get up. Let them chew it directly and drink a cup of water.

4) Include Coconut Oil in their diet

If you search for healthy fat, which is almost equivalent to mother’s milk, go for coconut oil. It is the best thing you can use even in infants to build immunity. There are only two super-foods that outline in our mouth: mother’s milk and coconut oil. Coconut oil brings the highest immunity with its anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. During a pandemic, people have entirely understood the benefits of coconut oil, and now it is used as one of the preventive medications for viral infections.

Trick: You can directly put a spoon of coconut oil in your kid’s mouth as soon as they wake up and give a glass of warm water. If they are not comfortable, then add a spoon of oil to their food. There is one more way to consume coconut; you can add fresh coconut milk to a few scoops of rice and feed your infants.


We need not look outside or bring off the shelf drinks and products to boost our kid’s immunity. We need to turn back and follow our food habits, which we are observing for years. There are plenty of ways to utilize simple foods available in our kitchen and turn them into super-foods for our little ones!




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