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How to Help Your Child During Teething Phase

Submitted by Feni Aditya Shah


When you think that your life has just started to settle in with your baby, your baby is getting into a routine and you are finally able to catch some sleep, life around you suddenly changes. Your child becomes more irritable, cranky, drools more than often. Well this is nothing but the ‘Teething Phase’.

Teething is a different experience for every child. It’s not only painful for babies but also seeing our little ones suffering it hurts us too. Some may just get through it easily while some have hard time in getting the teeth. 

As a new parent there would be plethora of things you want to try just to give some relief to your little one. Finding the best remedies for teething can be daunting, so here are some hygienic tried and tested home remedies to help your baby during this difficult phase.


It’s the simplest of all the remedies. All you have to do is cut veggies like carrot and cucumber in thick and long stripes and put them into the fridge. Allow it to cool and give them to your babies when you think their biting or chewing has become excessive. These cold veggies will not only ease their inflamed gums but will also help them learn coordination of fingers and palm for holding objects.


Gently massage your baby’s gums with clean fingers. You can also use a fresh clean cloth around your fingers and gently press the gums. As a matter of hygiene, doctors suggest dipping this clean cloth in cooled at room temperature - boiled water, prior to engaging it into your baby’s gums.


There are variety of teething toys, teethers and wooden toys available in market for teething, which not only entertains your child but also gives soothing effect on gums. Always remember to buy BPA free plastic products for babies. If you don’t have time to shop them you can always try giving a steel spoon from your kitchen. All you have to do is keep the spoon in the fridge and cool it (not freeze), make sure the spoon is also dipped boiled water to maintain hygiene. Always keep a watch when you give such things to your baby because chances are they might hurt themselves.


Breast-feeding is the best pain reliever. It has soothing and relaxing properties. Baby feels secured while nursing and often falls asleep, which otherwise gets disturbed for the baby due to teething. You can also make popsicles from your breast milk or formula milk and store them in freezer.


Brushing is something that should be included in our baby’s daily routine, once they have visible signs of teeth popping out. Brushing their teeth with baby brush and baby toothpastes, gives their gums much needed relief from itching, which is at peak due to teething.

We cannot take away pain from our little one’s life but we can definitely reduce them. So lets make this teething phase more fun and easy with some basic home remedies. If you have other tips and tricks of your own, I welcome you to share with others in comments below. Wish you a happy teething.

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Feni Shah
Feni Shah is a Home Maker and Mother to a Baby Boy. She did her Fashion Designing and is a Painter as well. She lives in a Joint Family which helps her to Balance Out Things well.

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