How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep : A Complete Guide



Newborns can be hard to handle. But when you find yourself sleep-deprived and barely able to keep your eyes open, having a newborn that refuses to sleep is the last thing you need. You now have two problems on your hands - the baby won't sleep and you won't either. Below are some pointers on how to get your newborn baby to sleep so that it doesn't become a major issue for the entire family:

  • Place your baby in a cot

    A cot is a good option for new babies, especially when they're just starting to learn to sleep at night because it means you can put your baby down without worrying that they will wake the entire household with their cries. A cot may seem like a big hassle to you. But if you want to get some sleep you can look up some free mobile cot systems like Bed In A Box for newborns. This will also stop your baby from falling out of your arms and waking you up as they struggle to get themselves to sleep. Start by placing your baby in the cot in your bedroom for a while. This is where your baby will spend most of their time and the first thing they will do when they wake up is cry.

    • Find the right temperature

      Make sure the room in which you plan on putting your baby to sleep has the right temperature. Avoid placing your baby in a room that is too hot or too cold. The room should be well ventilated. Get a baby carrier or a carrier system that keeps the baby warm while you're out and can cool your baby off if the temperature inside the room is too warm. Giving your baby a warm bath can help your baby fall asleep while feeding. In this way, you can take your baby out of the room while you feed and then put them back. Using a white noise machine can also help your baby sleep well. 

      • Find an appropriate sleeping environment

        Most newborns require a separate sleeping space. It can be either a bassinet or a cot, but you will need to place the cot somewhere out of your bedroom. Keep the cot in a room with an unobstructed view of a window. This will maximize light and reduce disruption from light and sound coming from other rooms. Keeping the cot in a quiet room will also help the baby to settle down to sleep. Make sure that your new baby's room is insulated and not too humid. Remember, newborns breathe very quickly. Humidity can harm their breathing. They may also suffer from a cough or cold because of dry air in the cot. Keep the room warm and don't wear heavy clothing in there. Use another blanket over the cot for a natural sleeping environment and the baby will be good to go.

        • Develop a bedtime routine

          You already know that you should have a bedtime routine when you put your little one to sleep at night. But when your baby is brand new, it's easy to forget these little things. Developing a bedtime routine is essential when the baby is sleeping through the night. It helps your baby learn the best way to fall asleep.

           In most cases, you should put your baby to bed when they're ready to go to sleep. It's fruitless to keep trying to put them to bed when they are bubbly and full of energy. Moreover, you should put your baby to sleep when they are slightly sleepy.

          • Keep in contact with your baby during sleep time.

            As mentioned earlier, you have two problems: You can't help the baby because they won't sleep and you are too tired to do much more than catching a few cat naps yourself. So it makes sense that your child doesn't want to sleep. However, your baby is probably tired too. It is up to you and your partner to wake the baby up and help them fall asleep, just as it is up to both of you to get through the night. Keep a little draft-less area of your room warm. Having your baby's room as warm as the rest of the house is not a good idea. The inside of your home should be around 68 degrees. 

            • What should you do if your newborn doesn't want to sleep?

            The most difficult aspect of having a newborn who refuses to sleep is recognizing that you have a problem that requires attention and knowing how to solve it. There are numerous remedies for this problem, ranging from baby sleep training to lack of sleep, so I highly suggest young mothers like you check out blogs such as - Rookie Moms: From Pregnancy to Preschool and Beyond!,The Mom Friend, Diary of a First Time Mom and First Time Mommy Journey of a first-time mother. 


            If your newborn is having trouble sleeping, the first and most important thing you can do is make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep. Once they are comfortable in a crib, you can then set a bedtime routine. This will ensure they sleep well at night. As parents, it's our job to look after our children.



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