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How to get some alone time while traveling with a baby

Submitted by Mittali Doshi

travel with family

My husband and I have travelled to many places before our baby. We look forward to continue to do that after our daughter’s birth. But we were always skeptical how we would be enjoying our vacations after the baby. Today our daughter is 4 months old and we have had good relaxing holidays twice. Believe me if you take care your baby’s food and sleep routine she will be at her best mood in serving you your relaxation time. So if holidaying with your baby sounds like an oxymoron, here are some tips which will help you to get some alone time either with yourself or with your partner. This could be having a meal alone, a night out on the town, or doing an activity that they are too young for. There are some ways you can have alone time even while traveling with your child.

  1. Plan ahead your trip

Go and opt for a staycation i.e. staying in the same country where you live if your baby is too small. Find the good hotel or resort having suitable temperature for the baby; they should not be exposed to extreme hot or cold weather.

  1. Make the maximum use of time while the kids are sleeping

While your little munchkin is fast asleep you can catch up some reading which you were longing for many times before. You can head towards the beach and do some brisk walking and exploration of the place. Walking is a great mood elevator and will help you boost your immune system. You can opt for a spa session for that blissful rejuvenation. While the baby is sleeping your partner and you, or you alone can have a lovely dinner from the room service. Moreover, having a room with private pool is always a good idea. Here while your baby is fast asleep you and your partner can hit the pool with some mocktails. 

  1. Travel with other couples/friends with kids

When you have friends with you, while you go out as they watch your baby and then could switch return a favor. Traveling with other couples would also allow for the girls to have a night out while the guys watched the kids and then again for the guys to have a night out while the ladies watched the kids. The best part is your kids are familiar with each other and you can trust your friends to watch your kids, which will ease your mind.

  1. Travel with the family

Traveling with family, can also allow you and your significant other to have a night off. This kind of idea not only works for you but also your family can enjoy the alone time with your baby. 

  1. Stay at the hotel with kids club

Many family-friendly hotels have kids club where your kids can participate in activities with staff. The play area is the ideal place for fun and leisure time for all children, which will make new friends, while you and your partner can relax at tables shaded a little distant. 

  1. Hire a baby sitter

The last option would be to hire a babysitter. I personally have never done this because I don’t feel comfortable leaving them with someone I am not familiar with. However you can ask for recommendations from others who have traveled to that destination and used a babysitter. 

Have you travelled with a baby and had some alone time? Let us know how you nailed it in the comments below!

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store

Mittali Doshi BloggerMittali Shah is a homemaker and new mom of a beautiful daughter. She and her husband are travel freaks who want to travel new destinations. She has done computer science, MBA and a short-term fashion designing course and at times accompanies her husband in his business.

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  • Very good article to have good time for yourself with baby

  • I loved your idea of travelling with family as baby is familiar to all the faces around her & doesn’t want to stick to mommies all the a way grand parents also gets quality time with their grand children.
    All the best for upcoming write ups.

    Nisha zaveri
  • I loved your idea of travelling with family as baby is familiar to all the faces around her & doesn’t want to stick to mommies all the a way grand parents also gets quality time with their grand children.
    All the best for upcoming write ups.

    Nisha zaveri
  • Thank you all for your positive and encouraging comments!!

  • So much useful tips…i totally agree with you, when baby’s sleep schedule , food needs are fulfilled properly, they are always happy and smiling…and lets you do things you wanted to do.. good work mittali, keep it up..

    Vedant sheth
  • Useful and practical tips 👍🏻

  • Very nice write its very helpful for new born baby’s mom 👌👍👌

    Hiral Shah. 21 july, 2018
  • Well-written mittali…Write-up is simply excellent and motivating for a couple who gets scared of HUGE ‘B’…

  • Excellent Mittali!! Proud of you.. Keep sharing your experiences!!

    Krupa (Rani) Dave
  • Beautiful write up mittali. Great idea and execution. Congrats. Cheers.


    Rohan parikh
  • A very good inspiring article for new momies and a way to enjoy independently even with a baby.
    Awaited for more such articles😍


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