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How To Engage Kids During Lockdown

Kids who are already difficult to handle, have become more difficult due to this lockdown. Neither they are going to the school nor we can take them out in the...

How To Engage Kids During Lockdown

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Mumma, I am getting bored…

Mumma, I am feeling hungry…

Mumma ab kya karu?

These are some of the common phrases, we mothers have been listening to throughout the day. Kids who are already difficult to handle, have become more difficult due to this lockdown. Neither they are going to the school nor we can take them out in the parks or anywhere else.

And for how long can we make them study?

But we can’t also let them watch TV or play games throughout the day. Being a mother of a 6-year-old boy, I know how difficult it is to keep him away from the screen. This is possible only when I keep other activities and tasks ready to engage him. This lockdown forced me to think of some ideas to keep my child engaged, which I would love to share with my fellow moms to help them.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your kids engaged during the lockdown:

Waste recycling / DIY 

This is an interesting and engaging activity. As my son is always told about waste recycling in his school, he always wants to reuse the waste material like bottles, plastic bags etc. During this lockdown, we made a painting from pistachio shells and waste foil paper.

Find new words 

As kids can’t just play throughout the day, we also need some activities where they engage in studies. But I still had to think of some interesting way to make learning fun. So, I just gave him a newspaper and asked to write down 15-20 words daily. Based on kids’ level, you can also ask kids to make sentences or just write down the words.


‘Kuch khane ko de do’ is the regular dialogue we hear all day. Why not make them part of it and make cooking fun for us? You can take help of your kids when making food items like cookies, cake, salad etc.

Stories from pictures 

Reading stories from books is regular activity kids do. Let’s make this more interesting and a bit different during this break. You can give your child a picture and ask them to coin a story. You can download pictures from the internet or can simply give them the newspapers and pick any picture.

Household chores 

Whether you have a boy or a girl, they should learn to complete their own tasks themselves. In this lockdown when there is already extra work for mothers, this can also prove to be a great help for you. Kids can help in small tasks like folding clothes, dusting etc. I also taught my son to chop vegetables, which he loves a lot.

Indoor games

Games like chess, carrom, ludo and snake & ladder are some of the entertainment options when staying indoor. By playing these games, you also get an opportunity to relive your childhood days. If you want something where kids stay active, stepu can be an interesting game.

These are some of the ideas I am using to keep my child engaged during the lockdown. Do you have some more tips? Let’s help the fellow moms by sharing them through comments.



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