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How To Ease The Vaccination Experience For Your Baby

by Chaitrali Datar 15 Jun 2021 0 Comments
How To Ease The Vaccination Experience For Your Baby


Having a child is probably one of the most divine feelings in this world. It is one of the memorable moments which you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime. However, along with parenthood and motherhood comes a host of important responsibilities; especially in the initial days.

One of the most crucial phases in a baby’s life is the first six months, when vaccine shots are extremely essential to be taken. Your doctor/pediatrician will hand over you a list of the vaccine shots to be taken mostly every month as mentioned in the first 6 months. Thereon the period increases, as your child grows older and it will be in-between gaps of 3 to 4 months.

Importance of Vaccine shots for your newborn baby:

  • They protect your baby from some of the most dreaded diseases and help increase his/her immunity.
  • They help babies develop the required antibodies and protect against infections.

As a mother, you know just how important it is to get your baby vaccinated. But at the same time, it is worrisome for you as a new mother to see your child take that injection. No matter what, it is going to be painful to some extent.

However, we have some tips for you to make that trip to your pediatrician a smooth ride:

Let’s take a look-

Dress your baby in the most comfortable clothing-While going to the doctor, your baby’s dress should be comfortable not only for your kid but also for the doctor in case he needs to examine any body part. The clothing should be loose and soft. Avoid clothing with buttons, knots and heavy material (such as silk, denims,) Soft cotton is your best bet.

Hold your baby close to you during the vaccine shot-

Your baby is likely to get scared and agitated during the vaccine shot. Hold the baby close to you to soothe him/her. Keep a smile on your face and sing his favorite lullaby.

Take your child’s favorite toy with you-

Carrying your child’s favorite toys is likely to put him/her in a comfort zone. It will help ease the child’s anxiety. It will also help you distract your baby during the vaccination.

Breastfeed your baby immediately after the vaccination-

Breastfeeding has numerous benefits and one of them is calming the baby’s mind. Feeding your baby will help relieve the vaccination pain and also they may cry less. 

Apply a numbing medicine to soothe the area-Your pediatrician will recommend you a pain reliever to soothe the immediate pain around the vaccine shot. Most of the time the doctor also recommends an ice pack; you can wrap it in a piece of a soft cloth and apply it to the vaccine area.
Gently massage your baby on the vaccine area-

    Massaging the vaccine area gently with massage oils which ease the pain and make your baby relaxed. Do it at small intervals and with a steady hand.  

     Pay attention to the signs such as fever, redness.

      Dear mommies fret not! It is nothing to worry about. Having fever or redness is a sign that the vaccine is effective and is working on creating a strong immune system!

      Further, your doctor is sure to make you aware of the same and prescribe light doses of paracetamol or pain relievers.

      What if your baby is sick-

      This is something which you need to talk about with your doctor. A mild illness such as a cold runny nose, mild fever, stomach upset, would not make a difference. But if your baby is suffering anything apart from that you need to have a word with your doctor.


      If your baby has started taking semi-solids, kindly feed the child before taking him for the vaccine shot. This way the baby’s stomach will remain filled and there will be no hunger issues. 

      Baby essentials-

      All mommies know out there how to take care of your special one! You will obviously carry with you the required set of baby essentials like extra clothes, water, blanket, diapers, and teethers.

      For the parents:

      Just as your child needs to be prepared during the vaccine, so should you be prepared. Your baby, after all, is dependent on you!

      We take a look-

      Book the appointment with the doctor beforehand.

        Kindly book the appointment with the doctor beforehand so that you can plan the trip to the doctor accordingly.

        Ensure you have planned your other schedules as they should not clash with your baby’s appointment.

        This is a given. Kindly postpone or reschedule all your appointments or work as your baby will need you the most. 

        Once you reach home, try to remain with your baby.

        Do not be in a hurry to rush back to your chores once you return. Your baby may drift to sleep. Kindly remain with your child at least 2 hours after coming home. You need to monitor any signs of rash, or any other symptoms apart from fever. If you find anything different, immediately inform your doctor. Do not apply home remedies.

        Make sure you give the vaccine on the scheduled day-

        If, due to any emergency you are unable to take your baby to the doctor, speak with your doctor about when to plan the next visit. Sometimes there are combination shots also which are available.

        On a concluding note-

        If your baby is taking the first vaccine shot then there are the things you should know. Vaccines are of utmost importance for your newborn as they help in creating the required antibodies and provide your child the required protection against sickness or diseases. As a parent, you have to be sensitive, yet strong to handle your child’s vaccine shot. Research has proven the more upset you will be; the more restless your child will be for the appointment.

        Relax, as the pain and discomfort are only temporary and the effect of the injection is going to help in the long run.


        Happy Parenting!

        Are you a new mommy or soon-to-be mommy! Do you have any questions for us! We would love to help you out!


        Chaitrali Datar is a hands-on mother to a 7 year old kid and a passionate writer with 5 years of experience. She loves doing both her jobs and puts her heart and soul into it. She says, "although I do get overwhelmed sometimes doing my mommy duties, writing serves as a therapeutic outlet".

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        Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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