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How To Deal With Mom Shaming

by Ruchi Rana 20 Oct 2021 0 Comments

A little stork came and left a pouch with a baby on her door and it seems so easy to have a baby but not in real life. Being a mom is one of the best feeling in the world but with great joy comes a great responsibility too, and taking care of a child is greatest of them all.

Every parent does their level best for their baby. I know a lot of mothers who have read parenting books, opted for expert opinions on parenting, consulted doctors for everything but this doesn't mean that the other parenting styles are wrong or the mothers who are not doing these things are any less in motherhood.

People have different parenting styles or opinions than you and some will even judge you for having that different opinion and this my friends is called mom shaming as if postpartum depression was not enough.

Majority of the times moms haven't done anything wrong it can be simple things like breastfeeding, co-sleeping, potty training, introducing solid foods etc. Knowingly or unknowingly we have been a victim or a shamer of mom shaming also and the internet is a brutal place it makes things even more worse.

Here are five tips on how to handle Mom shaming like a pro.


  • Neutral response : If you are the victim, use a neutral response to shut down bullies and not get engaged in conversation. They bully others because they want to feel adequate in their own parenting style or sometimes the bully is just another jealous mom.


  • Don’t engage with trollers : It’s better to stay away from trollers. Don`t respond to those mean comments. The people who can't express their opinion in reality use the internet to troll or shame other people. If a mom is fit she is being trolled for being self-conscious and if she is not they will say she is not looking after herself and is lazy. So it’s better to let them stay there with their opinion and don’t bother at all 


  • One size doesn't fit all : Always remember that every child is different. They have different psychological development, different physical growth so it’s stupid to compare your child`s development to somebody else’s.


  • If in doubt ask the expert : If you have any doubt about your child's growth or any other condition, always ask the expert. Consult a good doctor and don’t just search on the internet and jump to conclusions because the internet is not always right and it can mislead you.


  • Don`t believe everything you see  : If you are seeing a picture perfect mom on Instagram who has got it all put together, a clean home , fit body, has a job, a happy family don't feel guilty or unaccomplished.  Always remember that people only show their best side on the internet or some will fake it till they make it.  They are also having their struggles but they are not showing it to the world so don’t believe in those unrealistic standards.

So sit back and relax because these moments that you are spending with your child are not going to come back, these memories that you are making are the only thing you are going to have once they grow up and move on with their life.


Ruchi is a 24×7 on duty mom to a 1 year old apart from that she also juggles her time to manage her freelancing job and her daily chores.
she was always passionate about writing and being a mom gave her so many experiences to write about.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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