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How To Deal With A Child's Aggressive Behaviour?

by Shailja Mishra 17 Jul 2023 0 Comments
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Our kids are very special, but sometimes their behaviour disappoints us. It is normal for a growing child to be aggressive sometimes, as this is part of a child's development. But if your little one gets angry every moment and hits other children/elders, in this case, you have to pay attention. Such behaviour of children is very worrying for parents. Now the question is how to deal with your little one’s aggressiveness. Read this article, you’ll find this very helpful.

Do you worry about your child's aggressive behaviour? If yes, then you’ll find these tips helpful:

  1. Handle your kid’s anger calmly: One of the most effective ways to manage a child's aggressive behaviour is to model appropriate emotions and behaviour when interacting with them. This way, children learn how to regulate their emotions and responses by observing you.

  2. Identify what are the triggers: Observe your child and identify the events or situations that trigger aggression. Knowing your child's triggers can help you avoid those situations or prepare for them beforehand.

  3. Support positive behaviour: Positive reinforcement can be very effective in some cases. Praise and reward positive behaviour, such as sharing or cooperating with others. This can help to reinforce desired behaviour patterns.

  4. Open communication can help: Create an environment where the child feels comfortable expressing their emotions and concerns. Encourage open communication and active listening to understand their perspective and address any underlying issues that may contribute to their aggression.

  5. Acknowledge feelings: Help the child to put words to their feelings and to understand that the underlying need for their aggression often lies in their feeling of frustration, fear, or powerlessness.

  6. Set clear boundaries and consequences: Establish clear, consistent boundaries that make it clear that their aggressive behaviour is unacceptable. Communicate consequences when these boundaries are crossed and apply them consistently.

  7. Don't react, be proactive: Sometimes, anticipating situations that might lead to aggression can help to prevent it. Look at your child's triggers and try to avoid or minimize them whenever possible.

  8. Ensure safety: Priorities the safety of the child and others around them. If the child is physically aggressive, remove any objects that could be used as weapons and create a safe environment.

  9. Teach your kid problem-solving skills: Encourage your little one to find alternative ways to deal with their anger, such as taking deep breaths, drawing, writing, or physical exercise, counting to ten, or engaging in a physical activity like running or jumping to channel their energy in a positive way. Help the child learn alternative ways to express their emotions and handle frustration or anger. Whenever Akshita gets angry, I encourage her to draw and she loves this.

  10. Take professional help, if required: If you're concerned about the intensity or frequency of your child's aggression or if it's affecting their daily life, seek support from a child therapist or psychologist. 

In the end, remember, every child is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. Be patient, consistent, and provide a supportive environment to help the child develop healthier coping mechanisms and manage their aggression.


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