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How To Cope With Parental Burnout And Stress

by Dipannita Das 27 May 2021 0 Comments


Parental Burnout is an emotional, mental and physical fatigue that parents experience while attending to their kids. It is something parents do not realize at first and try to ignore it. Apart from mothers, fathers also go through this parental burnout.

Given the current situation when we are stuck at home due to a pandemic it's tough to maintain sanity at home. Therefore, you must know about parental burnout and cope with this situation as soon as possible to live a healthy family life.

Signs of Parental Burnout

Frustration- You feel frustrated in small to smallest things. It is like you are frustrated all the time and do not know the reason. Everyone’s words in the family pinch you hard and you shout or become completely silent. This is the first sign of parental burnout.

Mood Swings- Hormones play a game with your mind. Moms can relate this and you frequently have breakdowns. Even fathers who work on their laptop for the entire day get mood swings managing work, meetings and kids.

Emotional Disconnection from Children- In extreme cases, you become emotionally disconnected from your child. You cannot feel that connection with your child when they even smile at you. 

No Motivation- You drain down all the motivation in you. There is nothing left in you that motivates you. You feel like this is the end of your life. 

No Enthusiasm- Parental burnout takes away all your interest and you feel soggy and tired. You are not left with any enthusiasm. Managing work, household chores, family and kids gives only fatigue and stress with almost no zeal to work.

When you notice these above signs then you will understand that you are going through parental burnout and you need to give immediate attention without losing a second. If you do not give attention and ignore them, then it will take a huge toll on your mental and physical health and it affects your relationship in the family. 

How To Cope With Parental Burnout

Divide Responsibilities

You should divide the responsibilities of kids and household chores among the family members. Do not interfere in other’s work once you divide the work. This way it will help parents to manage everything.

Time Management

For parents, time management is an important thing. Make a proper and realistic schedule that both of you can follow. It ensures that you can manage both work and time. 

Make Time for Partner

We are stuck in the house right now. Maybe you and your partner are in the same house all the time. Still make time for your partner away from kids. If you stay with in-laws, steal some time with your partner while your child plays with grandparents. If you stay without parents, let the kids sleep and enjoy some couple time together. 

No More Unrealistic Expectations

You are parents and you have certain expectations from kids. But, be flexible with your expectations. You do not have to set unrealistic expectations. It will do no good to you. 


Self-care does not include only salon services that you can do at home. It means to take time and do things that you love like diy activities, dancing, art, writing or reading. At least give two hours to yourself and you can see that you will feel good from inside.

Do Not Have To Be Perfect Parent

It is a myth that you have to be a perfect parent. No one is perfect and you do not have to be a perfect parent. Do not overstress yourself and sometimes be in a “let it go” mood. 

Seek Therapy

If the situation is worse, then you can seek therapy. A professional guide will give you better advice on how to deal with the situation. 

At the end, you are the parents and you know your kids the best. Parenting is a trial-and-error method and you have to keep balance in your life. 


Dipannita Das is a stay-at-home freelancer and Youtuber mom. She believes in gender equality and finds perfection in imperfection.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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