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How To Choose The Right Feeding Bottle For Your Baby

by Sonali Baidya 31 May 2021 0 Comments
How To Choose The Right Feeding Bottle For Your Baby


Are you a new mom and searching for the best feeding bottle for your little one and which feeding bottle is suitable, then you are at the right place. If you give your baby formula milk or breast milk through a pump then you might need a feeding bottle.

Often new moms worry about their baby hygiene and want to use the best brand's feeding bottle. Wanted to know how to choose the right feeding bottles for your baby and which point you remember while buying a feeding bottle then this article for all those new moms.

There are different kinds of feeding bottles available in the market. These are Glass bottles, BPA free plastic bottles, silicon and stainless steel bottles.

While choosing a feeding bottle you might be confused but you should remember there are the best two types of feeding bottle available.

1)Glass bottle

2)BPA free plastic bottle

1)Glass Baby feeding bottle:

Many parents are always choosing glass feeding bottles because these bottles are BPA free.

Pros of using glass baby bottles:

  • Glass bottles are BPA free.
  • It can be boiled during sterilization.
  • Glass bottles are recyclable.
  • They are chemical-free and last longer.

Cons of using glass baby bottles:

  • If you are not careful then the glass bottle will break easily.
  • They are more expensive than plastic bottles.

2)BPA free plastic bottles:

Pros of using BPA free plastic baby bottles:

  • These bottles are lightweight and easy to carry.
  • These bottles are recyclable and won't break if they fall.

Cons of using BPA free plastic bottles:

  • It can not be boiled during sterilization.

There are also stainless steel bottles available in the market. Stainless steel bottles are BPA-free, lightweight AND durable

You already know all the features of a feeding bottle and ask your paediatrician for choosing a feeding bottle if you are confused till now.

Nipple for bottles:

Baby bottle nipples are usually rubber or silicone. They can be rounded, wide, flat. Depending on the size of the nipple hole, they also have different flow rates, from slow to fast.

Always choose the best-branded nipple for your little one because it directly touches the mouth. And nipples change often when your old nipples are cracked and thinned.

Baby bottle gear:

There are a lot of items you can use with your bottles like 

  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Nipple cleaning brush
  • Burping clothes etc.
  • Sterilization
  • Liquid bottle wash

Make sure if you are choosing a plastic bottle then it should be BPA free or anti-colic.

Some Do's and Don'ts about feeding bottles:

  • If you are using a glass bottle then replace it with a new one if the bottle is chipped and cracked.
  • Also, do replace a baby bottle if it has cracked and leaked. 
  • To replace a nipple often. If the nipple has thinned and discounted then you must change your bottle nipples.
  • Never microwave bottles.

Hope these tips are useful for all moms who are finding the right feeding bottles for your little one.


Sonali Baidya is a mother of a little boy. She loves writing and exploring new things. She has a degree of computer science engineer and by passion is a blogger. She writes beauty and lifestyle blogs.


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