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How Much Sleep Is Required During Pregnancy?

by Rashmi Bajpai 19 Feb 2021 0 Comments
How Much Sleep Is Required During Pregnancy?
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Pregnancy is an undefined feeling, we can’t express this feeling in words. During pregnancy, our body is going through so many changes due to changes in hormones. Insomnia (sleep problem) is one of them. Generally, 8 out of 10 pregnant women face this problem. If we talk about sound sleep it should be 8hrs in a day. But due to some hormonal changes which is going on in our body, it gets disturbed.

If we talk about the first trimester generally would be mother faces the following problems:

Feeling fatigued during daytime: This happens because of poor quality sleep in the night. How can we aspect a fresh body in the morning if we haven’t taken sound sleep at night? Initially physical and mental in both ways our body tries to adjust ourselves. So lots of thinking also create this problem. To divert your mind with any such thought keep reading either that reading is from a book or any e-maters. Reading is a good habit during pregnancy it keeps your mind cool unless you should read some soft content. Watching movies, light massage before bed will help you to take a sound sleep.

Bathroom breaks: During sleeping lots of bathroom breaks are also disturb sleep. As it is instructed by the doctor to take lots of water and fluids also leads this problem. To avoid this the woman should take these fluids in the daytime.

Enlarge belly: As pregnancy going on, the size of the belly also acts as a distraction in sleeping. Left side turn is the best way to sleep. Avoid straight posture of sleeping, it will create breathing issues of the fetus. Nowadays a special type of cushions is also available in the market. Which is helpful in a comfortable posture of sleep. 

Leg cramps: Leg cramps generally arise in the second half of the pregnancy. It is because the extra weight of the fetus leads to compression of blood vessels in the legs. Whenever you sit, avoid downward keeping of your legs. It circulates the blood downward which creates cramps so take anything for the support of your legs while sitting and keep your legs on that object. Never sit for a long time continuously. Take an iron-rich diet.


Some tips for sound sleep are as follows:

  • Avoid spicy and oily food during pregnancy it will create heartburn and disturb sleep.
  • Do light yoga and exercises will also help you.
  • But before doing just consult your gynecologist.
  • Meditation works a lot in sound sleep. It will heal you emotionally too.
  • Listening to soft music will also help you.
  • Avoid taking too much caffeine during pregnancy.
  • Take your meal early in the evening.
  • Take bath before bed according to the weather.
  • Talk to your doctor about your sleeping problem. Never take any medicine and pills without consulting your doctor.

Another suggestion to my dear would-be mother is enjoy your pregnancy period. These days are memorable to you when you will take your child in your lap. All the best to all expecting mothers. Hope you like this piece of suggestions.




Rashmi Bajpai

Rashmi Bajpai is a mother of two lovely kids, Achintya(age 10 yrs) & Shivansh(age 2 yrs). She has worked as a software engineer, Now she is giving her time to her kids and also fulfilling her dreams in writing poems & blogs. She loves to share her experience & knowledge by writing.



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