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How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

by Sakshi Patel 25 Aug 2021 0 Comments


Your baby is getting bigger and heavier. Soon, they will need the space of a crib. Until then, you may be wondering what to do with your baby when it's nap time. One option is a bassinet.

A bassinet is a small bed for your baby, usually made of wood or metal wire mesh, that can be placed in the bedroom like an armchair or on the floor next to your bed.

You may also use it as a co-sleeper if you prefer to sleep alongside your baby. A bassinet can be used for up to six months, but other factors should matter when deciding how long you want to use it. Here are some things yo

How long can a baby sleep in a bassinet?

Babies do not have lungs to breathe while sleeping in a bassinet, making it important to take safety precautions when co-sleeping with your baby. It is safest to keep your baby in their crib.

A bassinet is not as safe because it lacks the space of a crib to keep your baby safe. Babies are more likely to suffocate in a bassinet because there is less room for them to turn their heads.

It's also harder for a baby to lift its head in the bassinet to cry. Safety is the most important thing to remember when co-sleeping, but your health and your babies are also factors.

Take into account your health and the health of your baby, especially when the only way you can get some sleep is if you co-sleep with your baby. Babies are still growing and developing.

How Long Can Your Baby Stay in a Bassinet?

According to Dr. Debra Johnson of Safe Sleep Pediatrics, both sides of your family can safely breastfeed for six months, so no need to worry about feeding before six months.

"In most cases, no evidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome has been found when infants are cared for on their backs in a crib, but there have been cases of fatal infant falls where infants were placed on their backs," she says. "Children should be placed on their backs to sleep to reduce the risk of SIDS and other injuries."

As for age, an American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson confirmed to Heavy that at this time, there is no evidence to suggest that there is an age when babies should not sleep in a bassinet.

Issues with using a bassinet for too long

Sleeping with your baby on your chest can lead to congested lungs. Because the baby breathes on their own, this can put them at risk of developing bronchitis or pneumonia. If you use a bassinet, the infant's head may pop up from the sleeping surface when you roll over.

This makes it difficult for the infant to maintain a deep sleep and keeps them from inhaling too much air. Moreover, a bassinet is not a suitable space for your baby to roll onto their belly.

If the baby rolls onto their stomach during the night, they can't turn onto their back without assistance. This can cause breathing problems, the need for oxygen, and more frequent trips to the hospital to visit the doctor.

When should a bassinet be used?

Babies sleep for a short period each day, and some need to sleep longer, such as those who are hungry or have had an upset tummy.

However, the difference between babies who need to sleep longer than 12 hours a day and those who need shorter periods of sleep is minimal, meaning that bassinets are a waste of space in the first six months.

Suppose your baby is only about to outgrow the six-month sleep limit and still wake every hour to feed. In that case, you will have to choose between a crib or a bassinet for your baby's first six months.

How long can your baby sleep in a bassinet? A baby's sleep pattern depends on many factors. It is difficult to say when exactly your baby should be sleeping in a bassinet.

When should I stop using my baby bassinet?

Don't be surprised if your baby gets older and starts to roll around on the floor. Or start to cry, and you can't pick her up. As long as your baby is safe and secure and you're right next to them, it's not too late to stop using the bassinet.

Where do I put my baby when it's nap time? Some people want to keep their baby close during sleep.

For instance, your baby might wake up early from a nap, and you might not want to go into your bedroom and turn on the light and get into bed because you want to wait for your baby to wake up.

If that's the case, your baby might have trouble getting back to sleep. You could get them a portable crib or bassinet. This could be a portable one that you can take into another room to put your baby in.

What to consider when deciding how long to use a bassinet?

Why Bassinet Crib? Since your baby is getting big, the ideal bed for him is a crib. And since you're not using it for long periods yet, it's more cost-efficient and convenient to have a bassinet in the house. What do I need for a bassinet?

You'll need: A bassinet A waterproof mattress Soft sheets And perhaps a bassinet blanket You will also need: A safe place for your baby to sleep – a drawer, the bathroom, a closet, the laundry room.

A place to put your baby to sleep – a crib, the living room Serve your baby: Milk can be warmed, and a bottle filled with warm water can be prepared for your baby. To learn more, visit

When is the best time to move your baby out of a bassinet?

It's best to move your baby out of their bassinet when the sleep stage they have reached changes. The aim is to transition from the sleeping stage called colic to the sleeping stage called "sleep" at least 3-4 hours apart.

Ideally, your baby should also wake up without crying, as this helps the transition between the two.

During sleep, your baby may stop fussing to wake up at different times during the night. During this phase, you should still feed your baby without waking them up, and the baby should wake up gradually. When are the different sleep stages your baby should be in?


Babies grow fast, and keeping them safe is the best course of action. When bassinets are used as a co-sleeper option, keep them in a separate room (usually in the same room as your bed) from your baby's bed for the first 6 to 8 months of life.

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Sakshi Patel is a busy Mom who enjoys spending most of her time with her twin daughter & dog. She is also a good nanny and Ph.D. holder in Human Science (HDFS). She joins us as a senior content writer because of her creative writing style & now she becomes one of our top-rated content writers.


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