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How Independent Women Are In India After 73 Years Of Independence

by Saumya Dwivedi 01 Sep 2020 3 Comments

How Independent Women Are In India 73 Years After Independence

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After so many years of Independence, many things have changed and improved in our country. We are all free and we can do whatever we want to do. But what about women? Who constitute 49% of the total population. Yes, they are freely taking education of their choices, doing jobs. But is this a real freedom? Are women free in a real sense? There are so many things in which women are still struggling for their independence.

Freedom in decision making-  Women in India still can’t make decisions from their own. Even being financially independent, they have to seek permission from the male members in the family. They can’t make their own opinions. But this is so ridiculous still women have no voice of their own.

Freedom from domestic violence – When a woman marries, the bride family thinks that now she is the sole responsibility of the groom. Their job is done. But sometimes she faces assaults and harassments from her partner and his family. She still doesn’t feel liberated as her dependency makes her tolerate the abuse instead of taking any action. In India even today the condition is pathetic. So many women commit suicide or keep tolerating this pain throughout their life. They are still not free to get out from this hell kind of situation.

Freedom from taboos- Menstruation is still a taboo in India. Many women embrace life-threatening diseases every year due to lack of hygiene. Women still don’t have access to sanitary pads and basic needs regarding this. They feel ashamed to talk about these topics. Such an important topic always remain unheard and unnoticed.

Freedom from monstrosities - Women in India are still so unsafe and insecure. After being so educated and independent still, they face many problems with safety and security issues. Whether in the workplace, the public conveyances or even in the home, they struggle with these problems. Isn’t it ridiculous? What is the meaning of freedom here? When a woman is not free to travel or work safely.

Freedom in culture- In so many temples, women are still struggling for their entry. So many rights and rituals can still only performed by the male community. Is this a definition of equality? Leave equality, women are not even free to do what they really want to do.

Freedom of choice- After so many years of Independence, women are still not free for their own choices. They can’t wear what they want to. They can’t marry a person of their own choice. They are still struggling for their choices of jobs.

Freedom in the workplace- No matter how good women perform at their workplace, they are not free. The lack of gender equality raises lots of problems for them.  The office also doesn’t support them. They have to be in second place always just because they are women. Their talent and capabilities are overshadowed by their gender.

This is not applicable to each and every woman in India. But yes this is a real picture of many women. They are still struggling for their basic rights and dues even after so many years of Independence.

The government is giving many opportunities to women for their progress. But for any kind of development and change, first of all, the mind-sets should be changed and these changes come from the homes first. We need to give equal opportunity to our boys and girls both. We should give our girls a healthy environment so that they can make their own choices, make their own decisions and educate our boys to respect women, understand their no. These small steps can bring a positive change in society than only our women would be free and independent and that would be the real meaning of Independence.





Saumya DwivediSaumya Dwivedi has done Post graduation in Mass Communication and an MBA in HR. She stays in New Delhi. She is a homemaker by choice and mother of a five years son. She writes blogs, short stories, captions, quotes and poems on various platforms. She has won many contests in writing. Writing is like therapy for her and the biggest stress buster. She writes from her own experience of motherhood. She also loves travelling and reading.



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05 Sep 2020 Avni Katakkar

So aptly written is this! Brilliantly penned.True that expression is important and you have perfectly voiced it.

01 Sep 2020 Sarita Shukla

How well articulated article it is and I truly feel it’s important to express about it the way you did. Thank you for being that perfect Voice on everyone’s behalf

01 Sep 2020 Abhinav Dwivedi

Great article, so true that even after 73 years of freedom women in india still face so many hardships. Women like you make a difference by being vocal about it.

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