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How Does A Child Feel When Parents Have Conflicts

Couples fight irrespective of their intentions, troubles their child the most. They at the peak of their annoyance forget that there is someone else in their life who is most...

How Do Children Feel When Parents Have Conflicts
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Parents are the world of a child where his dreams and visions get motivated. He steps on following his parent's feet, does action following their body language and converses what he heeds from them. A child is a reflection of his parent. So, how important the relationship of a parent and the child is! Positive parenting demands lots of effort from both mother and father. A mother nurtures the child and fathers educates him to be disciplined. However, the most important among all is the relationship between the couple. If the relationship is fertile and compassionate then it's the best blessing for the child. Nevertheless, the opposite elicits when the parent has a disturbing relationship.

Couples fight irrespective of their intentions, troubles their child the most. They at the peak of their annoyance forget that there is someone else in their life who is most valuable for them, is getting affected as well. What are the challenges he faces when he has to go through a bitter part of his parent's relationship?


The child goes through tremendous pressure and insecurities when he sees his parent's conflict and loud atmosphere at home. It becomes a struggle inside his mind which he finds difficult to express it to anyone.

2.Less affectionate

His affection gradually reduces for his parent and then his admiration decompresses over some time. The affection of a child is so pure that he can not show it artificially to his parent. Parent's differences bring the repulsion behaviour at home ultimately passes to the child.

3. The home becomes a scary atmosphere

The place where we feel safest is 'Home'. Now, the same home becomes a place where the child starts to inhabit in a perilous atmosphere as slight loud talk also makes him vigilant of the storm which is going to come in the form of conflict among parents. The safest place becomes the most insecure place for him.

4.Faith over relationship breaks down

His confidence and faith in his parent's relationship also get receded. He doesn't rely on the parents for his happiness or sadness. If the child has no sibling then he also starts to feel intense and secluded.

Nevertheless, it's quite understood that when there is disagreement among the couple then they will react to it and it's quite obvious that it lends to the argument, the only difference is the degree of the reaction. So what should a parent of the child do when they caught up in such a situation??

1.Stop arguing in front of the child-

The couple should be reasonable to discern that they have a child who is innocent to understand their differences and must stop the argument in front of him. They can catch up the same later and communicate politely and in a positive way when the child is fallen asleep. It is equally important to sort out the discrepancies.

2.Explain your differences in a positive way-

In any case, the child glimpses you doing argument you can politely explain the reason in easier terms to make him understand that you are working out for the solution of a problem.

3.Avoid each other in an angry state-

When you are expecting a situation wherein a conversation could turn to an argument better to stop it there and you can avoid talking to each other for a while because in anger it's difficult to sense the right or wrong.

4.Express your love to each other sometimes too-

Moreover, always try to show your child by hugging and cuddling each other and express your positive feeling to build trust to the child about how good you are as a couple and the best parent for him. It will also help him to take the negative behaviour of yours more lightly.

5.Have more interaction with the child-

Interaction plays a pivotal role among the child and parent. Get involved with the child more in his numerous activities to make him comfortable with you and your mind set about any clashes with a partner can also become soothing.

Differences among the couple are quite obvious but the way they handle it without anyone getting affected is what we say mature love and called," True parenting".

Happy Parenting!!



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