Your Motherhood Kit During Hospital Stay

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Your Motherhood Kit

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 Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in this world!!! From the day I got the good news, I started thinking of my little one!!!! I wait for my scans to see my little one jumping and thumping in my belly.

My first trimester was spent in morning sickness, nausea, fatigue. Moreover, there was an addition of cold and cough. I was eagerly waiting for my second trimester to start. At the beginning of my second trimester during my visit to my doctor, he shared with me a list of content of the hospital bag, which I need to prepare in my third trimester.

Just like I tackled my exams in my school and college days, I started researching for perfect products for my baby. “Hey Bhagwan!!, so many products to choose from for the hospital bag??” I researched a lot and got present to the fact that there are a lot more things which are required besides the list given by my doctor. Finally, I prepared a complete list of baby and mummy hospital bag, which I think will be necessary during the hospital stay.

My research started in the second trimester, and as soon as I reached 30 weeks, I started buying things for Hospital Bag. At present, I am 35 weeks pregnant, and the baby and mummy hospital bag is ready. I am going to share with you my personal hospital bag list, which I prepared after almost 2-months of research.


Note:- This list is for a 3-day stay in the hospital from the day baby is born.

In India, we prefer old clothes for a baby rather than buying new clothes. The reason is the old clothes become soft after many washes and are soft on baby’s skin. If you cannot arrange old clothes, wash new clothes in a baby laundry detergent 4-5 times.

1. 6 Swaddle wraps/ dhoti or pure cotton saree pieces of 1m *1m
2. 6 set of bodysuit/ jhablas/newborn baby dress
3. Baby grooming kits
4. 3 Sets of mittens, cap and socks
5. 12-15 Langotis (I will prefer langoti instead of diapers)
6. 2 Sweaters/full sleeves dress (depends on the weather)
7. Newborn baby diapers
8. Pack of 99%-100% water wipes/cotton roll + hot water bottle to wipe the baby bum!!
9. 1 spoon and 1 bowl
10. 2 quick dry sheets
11. 9-10 cotton sheet to put on the dry sheet
12. Baby towels for bathing
13. Wash cloth/ small soft napkins (to wipe out baby’s face while feeding or when baby pukes)
14. Diaper rash cream (Backup- Just in case baby get rashes)


The hospital bag of a mother mostly depends on the type of delivery you have chosen. I would have preferred Normal Delivery, so my stay will be around 4nights and 3 days. Kindly ask your doctor about the stay depending upon the type of delivery.

1. Medical Docs
2. 4 Maternity Nightwear / loose shirts with pyjamas
3. 1 beautiful dress you will wear when you bring the baby home
4. 2-3 feeding bras (take 1-2 size larger than your normal size. It's good if you buy it in your 8th month. You will have a better idea about the size of bra you should take)
5. A pack of 10-15 disposable panties (There will be stitches after delivery. Therefore, it’s convenient to use disposable ones specially designed to wear after delivery as they are light and do not irritate the vagina. It can also be used after C-section as well)
6. A pack of 14-20 maternity pads (There will be a huge loss of impure blood after delivery. maternity pads soak more amount of blood in comparison to our normal sanitary pads. They are a bit long and thick)
7. Your regular medicines if you take any.
8. 2 adult diapers (Sometimes you would like to pee while in labor at that time you can pee in the adult diapers. It is not comfortable to go to washroom again and again during pain)
9. 2 towels
10. Sipper/ A bottle with a straw (Hydration is the key when we have a labor pain. My doctor recommended me to have a sipper bottle instead of a normal bottle or a glass to have water. It’s easier to take a sip from a straw during labor pain. His strict instruction was that the sipper bottle has to be with my birthing companion all the time)
11. Toiletries
a. Handwash
b. Hand Sanitizer
c. Facewash
d. Tooth Paste
e. Tooth Brush
f. Face wipes (in case you do not want to have a bath then you can wipe your face and hands)
g. Comb
h. Lip Balm
i. Body Lotion/Body Oil
j. Hair Tie/Clutch/Hair Band
k. Deodorant
l. Small Mirror
12. Makeup (YOUR CHOICE!!!! Don't judge! So many people will come and meet you once your baby is born, you might want to take pictures etc. :))
a. Lipstick
b. Eye Liner
13. Omnigel/ Violini/Moov (Sometimes I have back pain; therefore, I always keep muscle relaxant with me. Mostly from the 8th month back pain starts)
14. Mosquito Repellent (OPTIONAL!!!)
15. Pee Safe (Toilet Sanitizer)

After delivery our body becomes weak, and we feel cold and weak therefore we need the following stuff for us

16. 2 Scarf/ Stole to cover our head
17. 3 pairs of Socks
18. 1 Jacket/ Sweater (depending upon the weather)


1. Phone Charger
2. Spectacles (If you use!!)
3. Wired or Wireless Headphones (I love music and it makes me calm!!! Good option for you to listen to music when in labor pain)
4. Sleeper

This is the hospital List which I have made for myself. I hope you will like it. But this is not the end. The hospital bag of our birthing companion is equally important. Stay tuned for my next blog, which will be on “Importance of Birthing Companion while we will be in labor”.

If I have missed any of the points in my baby and mummy hospital bag, then post in the comments. Waiting for your valuable input!!



Anshima Kolatkar

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