How To Engage Kids During Lockdown: Some Tips

How To Engage Kids During Lockdown: Some Tips

As our lives have come to a standstill due to Corona virus, we all are trying hard to make the best use of this lockdown. Since schools are closed, it is getting extremely tough for parents to engage kids at home. I as a parent completely understand what you all must be going through with so much to handle, but do not worry. Read on to know how you can engage your child during this quarantine period without losing your patience. 


Maintaining positive emotions is something we all need to do as parents, because it is extremely beneficial for the wellbeing of our kids. Have a look at the below noted tips and I am sure you will be sorted:


  1. Make a schedule: Plan your child's daily routine because it is an effective way to handle anxiety. Your child will also feel at ease and more relaxed if they have a schedule to follow. Do remember to have some room for flexibility in your schedule. Right from waking up time, meal time, study time to playtime; make a schedule for everything. A proper routine will help you in maintaining discipline. 


  1. Let your child socialize with their friends digitally: Your child will have a great time connecting with their friends over a video call. You can create and plan activities with fellow parents which can be done together over a video call. Something like quizzes, reading stories or even craft work. This will help your child in overcoming the feeling of isolation. 


  1. Let your child experiment:Your child will have a great time doing DIY science experiments. You can find information about the same easily online. You can also find loads of art and craft activities on the internet which will keep your little one occupied. I suggest just go easy with your child because they are already having a hard time coping up with lockdown.


  1. Download educational apps: I know as a parent you want to limit our child's screen time but if you download some educational apps then screen time can be a great way to engage your child. Educational apps will supplement your little one's curriculum plus school work.


  1. Do activities together as a family: The lockdown has given all of us an opportunity to bond as a family which is otherwise not possible because of our hectic work schedules and other responsibilities. Your child will definitely enjoy doing activities as a team. From exercising together, baking a cake, cleaning to playing board games; you can do all this together as a family. 


I am sure after reading this blog, you will be able to engage your child effectively during lockdown. Always remember that your child is very observant about what is happening in their surrounding environment. They understand that their lifestyle has taken a pause currently and their parents are at unease and this is why communication is very important right now. You should talk to your child in a calm manner and provide them with all the essential information so that they know what exactly is going on.  Remember, this too shall pass!


Urvashi NewarUrvashi Newar has a great passion for writing. She has been into this line for almost 7 years. Mom to a 3 year old girl, she loves penning down her thoughts on motherhood. She believes in sharing her motherhood journey to help new mothers. 





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