Helping Kids With School While Working From Home

Helping Kids With School While Working From Home

With the increase in the Covid-19 cases, as the second wave moves paving way to the predicted third wave, the hope for getting back to the previous normalcy has again subsided for the time being. WFH continues to stay with us with an increase in the number of companies getting used to it & its benefits during these unprecedented times. Schools might remain closed for a much longer time to keep our kids safer at home. Amongst all this, working moms have already been facing challenges to manage work, kids, home, family members along with their own health. However, the rest can still be managed with support, but the most important tasks of excelling at work & managing kids during their progressive years remain at the forefront. 

Few tips can help you boost your efficiency while handling kids along with your work, specifically in case of working from home -

  • Set a routine for you & your kid
  • Most of us have already had our plans set for a daily routine & seen them fail as well. One of the common reasons for not being able to stick to your schedule is because of the disturbances around us. What’s the point of chalking out a plan when I know that it won’t be implemented? To avoid failure in following your daily routine, plan for your kid along with yourself. Create an everyday time table for your kid and you as per the tasks & activities to be done throughout the day. This should include a cautious detailing of hours & activities, right from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

  • Fixed hours for specific things
  • Making a time table or routine for both of you is not enough. You must set clear hours for certain things, like a specific time for any hobby or activity that the child would like to pursue, a specific time for play and so on. Activities which do not need more of your involvement or attention can be arranged for hours that are more productive for you while you are working. Similarly, a slight shuffle in your agenda can also enhance your coordination. Things which need most of your focus & energy can be done more efficiently when the child is already engrossed in some activity which can be done by himself/ herself on own.

  • Engage kids to develop skills independently
  • Mothers are protective by nature for their kids. We usually involve ourselves in every phase of the child’s development. However, it’s true that we need to provide them with the right environment & tools for their growth, it’s equally important for them to learn independently. When children learn on their own, it boosts their confidence & increases their curiosity as well. There are ample resources in our house & the market as well, which can help us stimulate their skills in any direction. All we need to make sure is that we create that environment of learning & help them develop skills. And while the kids practice learning, you can surely pick up that pending work before the deadline.

  • Encourage practical learning through life skills
  • The kids are already doing their best in learning through this new mode of online teaching. They are becoming more tech savvy, but losing on understanding the dynamism of life due to reduced practical exposure. An important productivity hack for working moms is to engage kids in gaining life skills. While you cook quickly during that break, ask your child to keep the ingredients beforehand on the slab for you. Kids are great at following instructions if they are given it as a task or game. You aren’t asking them to work for you, you are teaching them life skills. They will become responsible, learn to multitask, become aware of few details of running a house which won’t be taught in school but might help them in their future. Engaging them in reciting some self-created poems or stories while you wash the dishes or clothes, are sure to add on to their creativity along with improving your efficiency at work.

  • Give time to yourself
  • You are being too harsh on yourself while juggling with the countless things on your plate. Make sure to relax & loosen up a bit sometimes. Don’t wait for a day when you would be on the verge of collapsing, rejuvenate every day. Give some time to yourself for doing things which make you happy. We are so engrossed in giving the best of ourselves to everything, that we forget to remind ourselves. Work is important, it will be done anyway. Your child is important, he/she will be a grown up with intelligence one day. Keep reminding yourself…You are Important & shall need some self-care every now & then. 

    Pamper Yourself!

    This pandemic has given us an opportunity to stay more connected with our kids while they learn & grow since they have less exposure right now. We can create them better humans for tomorrow, probably, better than what we are. Learning for kids has to be a memory to cherish, for both, mother & the child. Make it stress-free, easy & systematic while you enjoy your work as well!


    Moomal Sisodia, Co-founder of Outcomes Delivered. An entrepreneur, trainer, award winner (consecutive 4 yrs) specialised in training for Image Building. A Personal Branding expert having worked for various corporates, individuals & MP Police for their Personal Branding & marketing over the last 5 years.

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