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Healthy Snacks For Kids

One must be very careful while choosing the healthy snacks for your baby. Following is the list of a number of snacks that you can easily prepare for your young...

Healthy Snacks For Kids

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For a mother feeding her kid is like a never ending job. Apart from milk and other meals kids also need to be served with healthy snacks all round the time. This is because they have a growing age and need food for an overall growth and development. This is also necessary to provide them with good health. One must be very careful while choosing the healthy snacks for your baby. Following is the list of a number of snacks that you can easily prepare for your young ones especially during the lockdown period.


Peanut butter oatmeal bars

You can mix roasted oatmeal with peanut butter. Add a little honey for sweet taste. You can also add finely chopped dry fruits to this. Make bars or laddoos out of this and let your kid gulp on it.

Vegetable wrap

You can prepare vegetable wraps by adding finely chopped vegetable and rolling them in a tortilla. This can also be added as a lunchbox meal.

Banana strawberry smoothie

This is a protein rich smoothie prepared by blending bananas, strawberries and a little honey. You can also add a little roasted oats to it for additional flavors and nutrients.

Fruit salad

This is an easy and healthy snack receipt. Chop the fruits you have at home. Make sure you include citrus fruits in your fruit salad and serve this to your kids.

Frozen yogurt

You can prepare this by adding fruit puree like that of mango, strawberry or peach. Add a little honey to this and freeze it. Serve as a healthy ice cream to your kids during the summer season.

Fruit popsicles

You can prepare this by adding freshly chopped fruits to fruit puree or fruit juice and put it in ice cream moulds. This is a good way to make your kids eat fruits.

Vegetable sandwich

Most of the kids like on vegetable sandwiches. You can prepare healthy sandwich by adding bell peppers, spring onions, tomatoes and cheese.

Bread pizza

You can easily prepare mini pizza for your minions on bread. A number of vegetables can be used for topping. Your kids will surely love this mini pizza.

Oats cookies

Oats cookies can be easily prepare using oats and whole wheat flour. Add jaggery or honey as a sweetener. Along with this you can also add nuts of your choice to bake these healthy cookies.

Oats banana muffins

You can add mashed banana and oats powder to your normal cake batter. Instead of using refined flour you can also used whole wheat flour.

Fruit shakes

They come with a lot of health benefits. You can prepare strawberry shake, mango shake, cheekoo shake, papaya shake. These are loaded with various nutrients that are needed for your kid's healthy growing.


These can be prepared by a number of readily available ingredients. You can prepare whole wheat and banana pancakes, oats banana pancakes. Additionally you can use chocolate for garnishing so that your kids may relish on such healthy pancakes.

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Apart from all the above mentioned snacks you can feed a number of other healthy things to your kids. A handful of nuts and dry fruits may also be snacked upon by your kids. Other healthy snacks may also include idlis, roasted pumpkin seeds, fruit cream etc.  Moreover offer a variety of snacks to your kids instead of just focusing on only one or two. This will help in the replenishment of the much needed nutrition for your kids.





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