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Postpartum Health Tips For New Moms

by Geetanjali Rajaur 14 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Postpartum Health Tips For New Moms


When we become a mother for the first time, many questions arise in front of us, with regard to our child, our health, looks and many more, how I will manage my fitness etc. So here I am going to share my own experience with all of you. When I became a mother, I was also very concerned about my health and looks. 

As I am a C-section mother and the biggest worry of every C-sec mother is her belly fat. You all can follow these tips whether your delivery is normal or not. 

So here are some tips which I followed for my fitness and style- 

  • Stay fit stay, beautiful :
  • First of all, you must include the workouts in your daily routine, but after consulting with your Gynecologist, it is mandatory in case of Cesarean delivery. It can be anything: Gym, Yoga, walking, jogging, any workout. But it should be regular, it will have an effect on you from inside and outside, it will help to reduce belly fat.

  • Eat healthy, look healthy : 
  • It is very important to take care of your health and if you are a breastfeeding mom ,then you have to pay extra attention because during breastfeeding we need to take a double diet which is healthy as well as nutritious and say NO to junk food, alcohol, caffeine etc., take only healthy and homemade food. 


  • Me happy, you happy : 
  •  If “I am happy then only I can keep my child and family happy too’ now as you are a new mother, you have to take care of your baby more than anyone else, you have to listen to feel the words of your baby more than everything else.  

  • Be calm be positive :
  • Everyone should stay positive if they want to be happy, but it is very important for a new mother, when you become a mother for the first time, there are many people around you who advise you, and sometimes we get it according to ourselves but sometimes opposite. In such situations we sometimes get confused and sometimes negative. In this situation we need to stay calm and positive, as no one can think better than a mother about her child. Listen everyone but do what suits you and your baby.

  • Sleep well :
  • It’s hard but not impossible, now that you are a new mother, at first you do not get enough sleep. You have to manage your time table according to your baby now. You should sleep with him as soon as he sleeps, because infants rarely sleep at night at least till 3-4 months and as a mother we are also unable to sleep.  As sleep is important for good health.

    Here I share some of the tips for the new mommies, I hope you will read and follow this.

    You can share your opinion, suggestions in the comment section.


    Geetanjali is a mother of a 4 years old little champ, whose name is Kian. By professional she is an MBA who worked in the corporate sector for 7 years, but after giving birth, he is the only priority. Now ,she is a part time mom blogger, a part time home tutor. She also makes learning videos on youtube for kids and food recipes. She is a full time mother who loves to share knowledge and try new things.


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