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Happy Mothers Raise Happier Kids

by Akanksha Saini 14 Aug 2020 0 Comments

Happy Mothers Raise Happier Kids

Photo by Shari Sirotnak on Unsplash



Motherhood is like a roller-coaster ride. A mother can feel about a hundred emotions everyday. From ecstatic to sad to overwhelmed to excited, she herself does not know which emotion awaits her next.

There is no denying the fact that only a happy mother raises a happier kid. I can assure you this from my personal experience. If you want your child to be happy then there is one sure shot way to achieve this, you have to be happy yourself at the first place.

There are myriad of ways to remain happy. I am mentioning a few of them:


  • Indulge with your child in his/her journey of growing up. To be put in simple words re-live your childhood with them and boom! You are already on the way of raising a happy kid.
  • As the saying goes, a well rested and relaxed mind is the happiest one. So, don’t exhaust yourself way too much. Give yourself an adequate amount of rest in order to be prepared for another busy day (cause hey! A mom is the busiest person in the world, isn’t it, mommies??).
  • Do not strive to be perfect as perfection can lead to disappointment which in turn can escalate into unpleasant feeling. I am sure no one want to be drowned in that kind of feeling. Instead, try to do things with all your heart without caring a bit for the outcome and cheer even if the result turns out to be imperfect.
  • Never give up on your passion. I repeat never! Here I am not saying that a mommy should not quit her job. Passion can be pursued even after quitting a job. Try to take out some time from your busy schedule for doing something you love as well. It should not be for others always but for your own self too. Else giving up may lead to a feeling of void in you. So, sit back and enjoy for a while doing something which pleases you.
  • Refrain from getting into arguments with your spouse or any other family member in front of your kids. No matter whether you are right or wrong. Just do not rush into fights. Raising voice in front of kids can trigger anger, nervousness and fear in them. Moreover, refraining from arguments and fights is good for your mental peace as well.


These are some of the ways which I found worth mentioning. However, you all beautiful mommies need to remember that every mother is perfect in her own way and knows what is best for her child. Never let the burden of others’ criticism to take a toll on you. It is your journey and you have all the right to walk it the way you want. You just have to be happy and cheerful in with and around your kids. It is okay to feel down or low once in a while but make sure to not to get sink in those low emotions for long.



Akanksha Saini


Akanksha Saini is a mother of two lovely toddlers who keep her on her toes all day long. She has a passion for reading and writing. She is net qualified Assistant Professor who is currently enjoying her motherhood to the fullest. 

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