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Hang In There Mumma!

by Guest Blog 20 Oct 2018 0 Comments

Blog Submitted by Priyanka Balwani

Photo by Raju GPK on Unsplash

Hey there first time mumma! How are you doing? I know everyone around is asking about baby’s well being, but I am here to talk to you. I know it has been very overwhelming. Most of the time you don’t know how to handle the situation and you get worried very easily and frequently. But trust me when I say this, I am here for you. I know what you are going through, because we are sailing in same boat honey.

Sleep deprived, baby crying all the time, baby pooping too much, baby not pooping for days, baby crying too much while massage, thousands of people with millions of advices, eat this don’t eat this, are you producing enough milk? Is baby full? Have you started working in kitchen? Why have you put on so much of weight!

These are just starters we are served everyday with. People are going to ask you questions and judge you for everything you do. But hey! Hang in there mumma. You are doing great, believe me. You are trying more than you have ever tried. We are not here for some kind of assessment. We don’t have to be perfect in first go. We are here to raise this beautiful life god has blessed us with.

 Don’t stress over little things. Ask for help. Ask your mom, mother-in-law, sister, cousin, friend or whom so ever you rely on. There is no shame in clearing your doubts. Give the baby to his/her dadi, nani, bua while baby sleeps and you take a good hot bath, read a book, spend few minutes with husband talking and sharing your insecurities, call your friend or may be just sleep. Its very important to relax. All I am trying to say is that if you are calm, you will be able to take care of your little one more effectively.

Your hormones definitely are playing some new sport with you every day. Sometimes you feel at cloud nine and very next moment you want to cry. Hang in there mumma. You will be okay. You are not alone in this. Be willing to share your emotions with your husband. He will understand you and support you. Don’t be stubborn to handle it on your own.

And whenever you feel that you are over-burdened with everything and don’t have energy left just remember few things:

  • That day you saw two red lines on home test kit and you were sure that it was the happiest day of your life.
  • Then you saw first sonogram, you sure that you have not seen anything more beautiful than it.
  • The first movement you felt within and cried with joy.
  • Those nights you spent short listing the names you like, the décor you want for room, which one of you is going to be strict with the kid when he grows up and several little details.
  • The happy anxiety you felt in your last days before baby’s arrival.
  • Most importantly holding that little angel for the first time in your arms.

Are you getting my point? This baby has multiplied your happiness with each passing moment. So there is no place for self-doubt. You are doing everything right and even if something goes wrong, you are going to laugh at it few months later. Enjoy this learning phase. Live these miraculous moments and you will be fine.


Priyanka is a software engineer by profession and currently a SAHM To Aarav. While oscillating between old school ways and modern ways of parenting,  she loves to write and has decided to share my experiences and lessons learnt with each passing phase with moms all around. Because she firmly believe that motherhood is highest form of empowerment.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mommy_onboard/




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