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Growing Up With Twins (Part-2)

Carrying your baby in your lap for the first time is an overwhelming feeling and if you are blessed with the twins then the moment becomes even more magical...

Growing up with twins (part-2)


Carrying your baby in your lap for the first time is an overwhelming feeling and if you are blessed to be parents of twins then the moment becomes even more magical.

I have shared my knowledge and experiences of twin pregnancy in my previous blog (part-1), in this blog I will be sharing my journey from the birth of my Newborn twins baby till now (remembering through all the learning phases for my baby boys as well as our's as Twin parent).

So, let's get started...

  • Position, labor and delivery

 The position of babies in the uterus is an important deciding factor for the method of delivery; vaginal or cesarean. Although usually twin pregnancies are considered high-risk pregnancies, therefore the choice of delivery remains cesarean most of the time.

  • Twin pregnancy and premature delivery

 Usually in twin pregnancies, premature babies delivery is very common. Due to two babies growing together in the womb, sometimes it becomes impossible to carry the babies for the full term. So the to be parents should be well aware and prepared for this kind of upcoming emergency condition.

  • Post-delivery challenges 

When finally the babies arrive, so many considerations are to be looked upon as with two babies the responsibilities and learnings also get twofold. How to take care of two tiny beings at once is really a tricky job. Feeding the babies, holding them, changing their diapers, understanding the needs of both the babies together etc; these activities are quite challenging to understand, learn and practice.

Although the hospital staff is always considerate towards the new mommies and they make sure that the new parents should understand properly the important points of handling twins.

  • Arranging extra helping hand

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, having an extra helping hand is very important, rather this should be considered as one of the most necessary preparations during and after delivery. And if you have close family or a friend from whom you can get the help is a boon.

  • Scheduling and monitoring their milk intake

Feeding two babies together is a real task. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, monitoring and scheduling their intake should be well-charted, because when you have twin babies, generally they both respond differently to their needs and our attention (as in my case).

So understanding every situation and responding accordingly for both the babies including their hunger as well, is a learning which takes time.

Also during weaning (introduction of solids in infants), it is very much possible that your twins respond, you need not to worry.

  • Keep track of their vaccination and clinical follow-ups

Following their vaccination schedules should be of utmost importance. Sometimes the after-effects of vaccination happen which can be difficult to manage because you have two little humans to look after. But if you follow all the schedules smartly and efficiently, trust me this phase will not bother you much.

Therefore, if you have your kid's vaccination schedule or any follow-ups of which you are already aware of, make sure you have someone from your family or friend to support you there.

  • Tracking the milestones

Tracking the milestones for both babies can be tricky. It is possible that both the tiny tots behave and respond differently so possibly they both will have their milestones at different times. And you have to understand that, this is very normal. For example; one baby starts crawling earlier and the other one hasn't even tried for it. So don't get panic and enjoy the phase.

  • Importance of sharing your space and time with your twins

At this stage, your twins need your attention to bond, to explore and to understand the intricacies of life. Therefore sharing your time with both of your tiny beings is of utmost importance. This can shape their individual personalities.

  • Taking care of your physical and mental health

 Yes...above given point is usually ignored, but if a mother's health both physically and mentally is not in harmony then it becomes really difficult to nurture your kids. Be it a single kid's mother or a twin's mother, you need to be in harmony with your health. Eating healthy, taking complete sleep, taking out some me-time, involving yourself in something which gives you the zeal of individuality...are crucial parts of motherhood. So don't forget to pamper, to nurture yourself also.

  • Beginning of the school phase

As my twins, Keshav and Madhava are of four years now, they have entered into their school phase recently. This phase is of course a new beginning for both parents and kids. We felt all the emotional turbulence when our darling twins went for the first day of school. When you have twins, the assurance comes on it's own that they are together not alone, and it's such a boon. 

  • Take away points

Whether you have a single baby or twins, you are equally blessed. So be prepared to capture all the moments, create memories, and learn every day (this is the only way, perfection doesn't exist). Every kid is different and unique so don't compare them, even comparison between twins is also unfair. Keep all your stress and worries away, and enjoy each and every phase of your parenthood.

This is my journey till now, will continue sharing my experience.

Happy parenting🙂

Dr. Varun Prabha is a dentist and has experience and various qualifications in the healthcare sector. Apart from this, she is a blogger, author, and YouTube host. She loves sharing her parenthood experiences with other mommies. Connect with her on Instagram (varunprabha.gupta) and Facebook (Varun Prabha Gupta).

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