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Getting Your Baby To Sleep In A Crib

When a mother is saying that she is taking a baby to sleep so it’s not as simple as conveyed by a mother. It’s a big task which every parent...

Getting Your Baby To Sleep In A Crib
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Getting a baby to sleep in a crib is a big job and a big question mark for parents. Here you people must be thinking that, why I mentioned a big question mark - so here I wish to convey that when a mother is saying that she is taking a baby to sleep so it’s not as simple as conveyed by a mother but ultimately it’s a big task which every parent has to go through… though if we take it patiently so every concern has a solution or can resolve in a smooth manner.

I wish to convey that there are many reasons why a baby refuse to sleep and than what can be done to make him or her sleep.

Babies are very strong not only this, but they seem to be clever and smart. Whenever a baby is taken to sleep so they understand that, now it’s time to sleep so they start with there tantrums.

Reasons baby refuse to sleep and how to tackle:

  • Hunger:

Do check baby’s tummy before making him sleep since, there tummy gets empty- as soon as they are full. If there stomach is empty so they start crying and refuse to sleep. Till first 4 months it’s suitable to keep baby on mother’s milk however, as they start growing up so we have to keep check whether they are full or not as sometimes breastfeeding becomes insufficient; so Mumma to make sure that there baby’s stomach is not half and for this they can start with formula milk which is as well as full of required nutrients though it is not substitute of breast milk however, to fill baby  stomach we have to give formula milk along with breast milk. Since first 6 months we cannot  introduce semi solid food so we can take these steps as mentioned above.

 Even I wish to mention that above 6 months of age babies do start with their activities and because of this, there stomach get empty and they start crying. Here parents can keep check on timely basis… can say within 2 hours of interval as babies tummy are too small and even getting fill at a quick. So here we have to make a roaster of babies food chart so to keep them full not only with food-however with the required nutrients.

  • Babies environment :

sometimes due to climate or environment surrounding or atmosphere babies become more irritating and due to which they refuse to sleep. Even it happens that if some functions are going on so babies refrain from sleeping. During this time, parents to ensure that - whenever they are taking baby to sleep so there must be complete silence and the room where baby sleep must be calm so that they can sleep properly.

  • Babies room where they sleep:

Sometimes it happens that babies don’t sleep though they are all set to sleep. This is because sometimes when we take baby for sleeping we forget to switch off the lights and this small things make them uncomfortable to sleep. However during this time parents must make sure all lights are switched off, if possible than -of all the adjacent rooms light must be kept switch off.

  • Things or toys near bedding :

Sometimes it often happens that during playtime or the feeding time, things are left as it is – due to which babies are not comfortable to sleep.

Here, we can ensure all the things which are surrounded near bedding or crib must be kept clean and toys away; so that babies are left with no tantrums apart from sleeping.

  • Swaddling:

When babies are in mother's womb they feel safe and secure due to their position. However the time, when they are out of the womb they feel insecure and unsafe due to which they left with crying though they wish to sleep.

Here, the best part we can do swaddle them in a proper cotton cloth so to ensure that they are safe and protected. They are not annoyed and are ready to sleep.

  • Singing song or lullabies :

Taking baby to a crib is definitely a task, where babies sometimes feels restless and do best trials to let themselves sleep by their own still they are unable to do… So here parents can reach to babies feelings and can understand them deeply by just singing a song or lullabies which babies are use to listen during sleep time. However singing same tune or song does not soothe them so here parents can try new soothing song which will make baby sleep immediately…

  • Giving massage & bath:

Sometimes babies do feel tired and due to which they are unable to sleep.

Here mommies can give soothing massage to their munchkins, due to massage babies body get relaxed and automatically they get relaxation with the massage flow. After massage they also enjoy bathing since, bathing helps in relaxing their body as they remain active throughout the day. Here I will suggest to give bath with water which is not too hot. (to know water is not too hot we can do elbow test)

The massage and bath will relax and give relief to babies from body pain if any and help to sleep. 

These were some points or some experience which even I have gone through for letting baby sleep.

Hope that this will help you mommies or guardian to meet up the requirements. Please do comment your views and even suggestions if any.

Thank you!


Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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