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Getting Used To Online Classes

Initially when the classes for my child started, I too found it stressful as a parent who has an infant and housework along. But gradually I realized a bit of change...

Getting Used To Online Classes

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The world is badly trapped with the pandemic COVID-19 and most of the activities are put to halt in order to slow down the spread of this deadly virus. Situation is uncertain and none of us know when the world will be back to normal again. Where the economy throughout the world is suffering, it has also affected the Educational Institutions too.

Schools are shut across and kids are bound to sit at home. Economy can be revised by slowly catching up with the business and the companies are trying their best to come up with the new ideas to revive themselves and set according to the current scenario.

Like every sector is trying its best to maintain the continuity of their business in these difficult times, many schools across the country came up with an idea of online classes to continue the academics.

We aren’t sure how far things will go like this and for how long. No one will ever take the risk of sending their kids to school until we are sure that we are completely out of the pandemic and are safe.

But it clearly shows that if things are so uncertain it’s better to find a good solution to carry on the studies so that the education continues and kids doesn’t suffer much.

My son is in grade 1 and I am writing this keeping his and the kids of his age into consideration. When just after the first lockdown, the school came up with the idea of online studies through Zoom Cloud classes, am sure like me most of the parents were excited.

Because kids are small so sitting along with them throughout the classes though became a routine for moms like me still it took time to get acquainted to this new system.

But I observed with each new day the teachers, students and parents were equally getting comfortable with this new way of imparting the education. If it was new for us, it was surely new for the teachers too.

All we as a parent had to do was juggling in between the routines and sitting along with kids, but the teachers along with their homes had to manage ample of things. Uploading worksheets, taking attendance, checking the connection, talking to parents, updating each of us, they are doing their best in everything.

But then I heard in every news channel almost, parents complaining about kids straining their eyes because of continuous exposure to the mobile screen, I pads or laptops.

But I have seen kids playing video games, X Box and games on mobile for hours, in fact they watch TV for long hours and if they give at least two hours or even less to online lessons, they actually add to their knowledge.

Initially when the classes for my child started, I too found it stressful as a parent who has an infant and housework along. But gradually I realised a bit of change in the way of teaching process can enhance the effectiveness of the class.

Like instead of four to five subjects continuously if only two subjects in a day are taught online plus the worksheets are shared along for the revision of work, it adds wonders because kids too enjoy it a lot.

Recently at my son’s school they came up with such effective changes and since then a lot has improved. The changes include:

  1. Only two subjects a day directly taught by a teacher.
  2. Because he is in Grade 1, just one teacher is taking all the subjects so neither the kids nor the teacher takes time to get comfortable with each other.
  3. Many subjects are taken offline like Art, Dance, Yoga through the videos parents can make the kids do as per their convenience.
  4. Teachers are trying their best to engage kids by asking questions, which keeps these little children be into the class attentively.


Time is uncertain and none of us know how far it will continue like this, so it’s always better to find solutions to maintain the continuity of the academics rather complaining about the methods. Because we are lucky to be in a problem like this pandemic at a stage where we have technology at every door step and I truly feel it should be used in a better way like this.




Sarita ShuklaSarita Shukla is a Graduate in Microbiology and MBA in HR, currently staying in Navi Mumbai. She is a proud Homemaker and mom to two naughty, cute little boys. Writing is her passion and blogging gave her a wonderful way to fulfil it. She writes Quotes, Captions, short stories and blogs right from her personal experiences, current topics, to the stories. Many of her stories won on various online platforms. She is a passionate writer and reader. 



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