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Garbh Sanskar or Educating Fetus in the Womb. What Is It?

Garbh Sanskaar not only starts during pregnancy. But quite before the conception. It includes positive and healthy thinking, healthy eating, listening to music, meditation and healthy physical and mental health... 


India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Our culture is rich in heritage as well as knowledge. Our ancient scriptures have a wealth of knowledge hidden between them. A land that led to the discovery of zero has many more phenomenal discoveries as well as inventions hidden. We just need to explore it a bit. One such ancient and incredible practice of Garbh Sanskar, which is mentioned in Rigveda and was composed approximately 3500 years ago. It is also mentioned in Ayurveda.

So, what is Garbh Sanskar?

Well, Garbh means womb and Sanskar, means values, ethics or morale.

It simply means educating the child in the womb. The best-known example of Garbh Sanskar is of Abhimanyu, where it is shown that Arjun imparts his knowledge of penetrating Chakrvayuh in a war to his son when his wife is pregnant. Abhimanyu uses the knowledge in the Mahabharata to penetrate the Chakravyuh made by Kauravas. Another famous example is of Prahalad, where his mother listened to devotional songs and prayers of Lord Vishnu when she was pregnant. So, Prahalad although born amidst the demons, became a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu.

Garbh Sanskaar not only starts during pregnancy. But quite before the conception. It includes positive and healthy thinking, healthy eating, listening to music, meditation and healthy physical and mental health.

Although I’m not an expert on the subject. This is very close to my heart, for more information please take advice from a reputed and experienced person or Ayurveda Centre.

What does it include?

One of the best and ways to give birth to a sound and healthy baby is when the mother is healthy mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

1.Have Affirmative Thoughts.

Thinking positive and happy thoughts is a must for any pregnant women. For that, she should do what she loves the most. If working brings her satisfaction let her do that, unless it is not a strain. But she can develop a hobby or take up Yoga. Here breathing exercises like Pranayama, help you keep the mind calm and quiet. Some light exercises will help in the reduction of back pain, flexibility and eventually help her in normal pregnancy with mild pain.

2.Eating a healthy and balanced diet.

The healthier the mother will eat, the more nutrition the child will get. Although women have a lot of cravings at this time. It is recommended that they have sattvic food, which has all 5 tastes i.e., salty, sweet, sour, bitter and pungent. The diet should be full of folic acid, vitamins and minerals. The women should refrain from any harmful substances like tobacco, alcohol which may harm the health of the baby.

3.Listening to Music.

According to our scriptures, it is said that a baby starts hearing and moving from the fourth month of pregnancy. It also responds if given the correct Environment. So, listen to some calm and peaceful, soulful music, which will directly affect the baby. A lot of CD’s are available for the same. Songs are available on the internet as well as in various applications. Listening to soothing music leads you to communicate with the baby and comfort it.

One of them is:

4.Reading books

It is not always necessary that you read spiritual or philosophical books during pregnancy. But rather books that offer you knowledge. As they say, wisdom is passed through the womb. Any books that you enjoy are positive and funny, as well as information can be read. They just make you happy and content.

5.Give a chance to your hobbies and also Meditate.

A simple mundane thing like drawing and coloring will also unleash your creative side. So, take up some hobbies like craft, painting, knitting. As you will get creative and also give the lesson of patience and concentration to the child. Meditation means not only sitting in a pose and relaxing, but it simply means visualizing good things and de-stressing your mind. It is a vital aspect of Garbha Sanskar.

So, Garbha Sanskar helps you to make an eternal bond with your baby, basically doing “Garbh Sanvaad”. It helps in the mental development of the baby. It may also make your baby more confident, aware as well as quick in responding. So, get more information about Garbh Sanskar and practice it to experience its benefits and to make a loving bond with your baby.


Nidhi Inamdar is a freelance content writer from past 2 years. A former HR person, she is very passionate about reading and writing and decided to pursue something that she loved after she was blessed with a daughter. Now she spends her time writing professionally and butting heads with her super active daughter.

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