For A New Mother


For A New Mother

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"I see you playing, ohh lovely baby

Here and there hopping around

The smile on your face and energy arouses

Still, why mommy feels sleepy

Would you mind, taking some rest around?"


Ladies - if you are a new mother, I am sure you can relate to this and no one would have ever told you side effects of this play!

But don’t worry, this does not have any long-lasting effect and will take almost a year to go with the best healing medicine of love, joy, and smile from your baby!!

So, the story starts when I found myself pregnant very young, soon after marriage and everyone around so happy and talking all the pleasures of being pregnant and excitement of the delivery and me too, being naïve thought that Tada! That’s it! I will go to hospital and the doctor will give the baby in my hands, we will come back home and it's all sorted!

But naked truth of the actual start comes up when I feel my hormones playing soccer, I feel pain and don’t want to be with the baby at all.. as I feel it burdened till the time I realized it is postpartum depression!

Something, to be worried about and time to get in touch with the doctor.

Yes, parenting is not easy and it was never but the important thing to keep in mind is that it is a the great responsibility of having a life with you, totally dependent on your love and if raised properly, a good human of next-generation!

So, I request you to please take care of following things for your own self based on my experience –

  1. Be aware of what parenting is and what it means to bring a life in your own world!
  2. Get physically as well as mentally prepare for the next big change in your space as well as in your room and so in your bed!
  3. Get an extra storage organizer for the new member
  4. Ask for multi-vitamins and pain killers you can have while breastfeeding the baby for that extra energy.
  5. Get your routine adjusted as per your baby and get sleep as per her routine.
  6. Have lots of dry fruits in stock and next to your bed with a glass of milk at least 3 times a day!

And last but not the least, light humored books on your side to keep you happy and mindful!

You can definitely add more points to the above listed and assure yourself with full-time help, if you can afford so!

Today when I see my both kids, I feel proud of them as they have helped me a lot to sail the boat and now definitely, I don’t ask for rest anymore!


So, with the roller coaster life, the lines go like –


"I see you playing, ohh lovely baby

Here and there hopping around

The smile on your face and energy arouses

Now I don’t feel sleepy and play with you around!!"


Love you all! Happy motherhood!


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Anumeha Gaur

Meet Anumeha Gaur, a doting mother, business analyst by profession and a hobby writer. She has recently published her first book “Sahal” and enjoys reading, travelling, writing, counselling, and spending time with her kids.Currently, she is staying in New Delhi and you can reach to her through her personal email id:



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  • Posted on by Pooja

    First off, congratulations on this post. Lots of Good advise and tips shared by you here. I appreciate your writing and love the message of your post.

  • Posted on by Anumeha Gaur

    Thank you, my lovely ladies!!

  • Posted on by Karishma

    As they say because God couldn’t be everywhere, he created Mother! A mother that brings a little a baby into this world, nurtures and makes them into a full fledged life ! But yes it’s not as easy as this sentence, it is a transformation for a woman and life changing event when she holds that baby in her hands followed by roller coaster yet a beautiful journey of life! Motherhood is indeed a blessing. Not just the ones to be or the new moms, each mother can relate to your thoughts and emotions, Anumeha. Great writing and thanks for sharing! Spread happiness and enjoy the motherhood🙏😊

  • Posted on by Madhu

    Your writing is full of positivity ….and it makes me see the world in a more in a clear way.

  • Posted on by Aditi jihri

    This is amazing, Anumeha.

    You have realy poured your heart out, something which will help all new moms or moms to be out there.

    Keep spreading positivity through your writing . Much love

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