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Five Classic Books You Must Gift Your Child

Classics are ageless, magical and treasures moulded into books. So, it is always recommended to introduce classics to your kids no matter what age they belong to...

Five Classic Books You Should Gift Your Child
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Reading habit is slowly and steadily declining. Reasons could vary, excess pressure to cover the syllabus, busy parents, smart phones and gadgets, anything could be a triggering factor. Ultimately what is at lost? The most beautiful thing a child could possibly acquire, reading books and getting lost into the world of imagination.

Parents frequently ask me how I inculcated the reading habit into my kids at this tender age. And I always give tell them first to be a reader themselves, to inculcate the habit into the child. We cannot argue the fact that kids like to imitate. Let them imitate you reading!

However, what I said could not be implied to a grown-up child. A 10-year-old does not like or understand if you suddenly hand over a book and ask to read! But it is not too late to do that...

First if all, know your child's interest. Collect few books keeping that in mind. And while doing that, believe me, you will not fall short of books. There are several books written by fabulous children authors to absorb kids to an imaginative world. All you need is to include your child while collecting them. Take them to bookstores or shop online with them considering the current situation.

I read classics during my childhood days, passed on the same taste to my kids. Surprisingly, they enjoyed it equally. Classics are ageless, magical and treasures moulded into books. So, it is always recommended to introduce classics to your kids no matter what age they belong to.


I am working on an article to help you understand the benefits of reading classics....but for now here are five fabulous ageless classics for kids who belong to the age group of 7 to 10.

1) Charlotte's Web

Every time I recommend a book to my fellow parents, Charlotte's Web inevitably comes first on the list. Written by E. B. White and beautifully illustrated by Garth Williams, this classic stands against the time entertaining and alluring kids to a magical world of friendship. The book takes us through the enduring friendship of Wilbur the pig and Charlotte, a kind-hearted spider.

However, few countries raised voice against the content of the book, stating that "too many deaths in the book" seems to be inappropriate to young audience. And the book came into the category of banned books. But what fascinates is this book still stands favourite among the readers all over the globe, and still stand first in the list!

2) Treasure Island

Penned by the famous "Robert Louis Stevenson " the Treasure Island has captivated the best possible young minds till now. One of the best ever book on treasure hunt. But what comes in handy is the lessons on exploration, self-discovery, and the journey of a young boy to an adult. Treasure Island is basically a children book or children literature.  But there will be few adults who have not read this mesmerizingly beautiful story. While I write this, I wonder who among my readers have not read this marvel. If not, I urge you to read it right away!

3) Matilda

Matilda is every kid's friend, every parent dream child and every teacher's pet!

I reminisce how I would imagine myself to be Matilda. Such was my love for that character, who was born out of the imagination of one of the greatest children author of our times "Roald Dahl". This is a story of a brilliant girl who loved reading and struggled in her day-to-day life. An abusive parent, dealing with absolutely confusing telekinetic powers and a principal of the school who was an utter cruel person. The book was banned due to such story theme; however, nothing could stop Matilda being the most favorite classics ever!

4) The Jungle Book

Most of us know who Mowgli, Sher Khan, Baloo and Bagheera are. They have become a part and parcel of our lives since our childhood days. Some of us read the book and some of us watched the comic adaptation of the book on our television every Sundays. Written by Rudyard Kipling and published first by MacMillan in the year 1894 become classic capturing the minds across the globe. Various franchise featured till now, but the essence to read the book late night is something reminiscing for us millennial.

5) Little Women

Little Women is not much a favorite among the little India readers. Whatever the reason may be, this book is a timeless classic that went to make a huge impact on its readers. The story is about four sisters who are independent, seldom determined, and courageous. This may sound no big deal, but it was when the story was set back in 1868. The novel is written by Louisa May Alcott and it is believed that Little Women is loosely based on author's and her three sisters lives. I recommend this book for those who live to walk through the Victorian era and would love dramas in their stories.


Books are mediums to connect your child to words and world equally. And classics open door successfully to amalgamation of emotions like friendship, love, courage, and they connect you unflinchingly to nature, take you to treasure hunt and comfort you as a friend. So, keep the reading habit alive, inculcate it to your kids. and do not forget to start with the above given books!




Sheeba VinaySheeba Vinay is a writer and editor by profession. Her write-ups have been published in Lokmat Times, TOI and various platforms like Women's Web, Momspresso, Storymirror, India Imagine and SHEROES. She was in the top five "Most Promising Blogger" in Orangefloweraward2020, Women's Web and won Literoma Samman 2020. Sheeba Vinay is the founder of WeTalk, a writing community for budding writers and author of Children's ebook with Storyweaver, Pratham Publication.

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