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Feeling Isolated as a New Mom

by Pooja Shah 26 May 2021 0 Comments


Feeling of isolation and loneliness is very common in a new mom and ongoing pandemic has amplified the situation. There are many reasons for feeling isolated as a young mother. Make sure you fall into one of the following ring. 

Recovering physical after childbirth is time consuming. Physical recovery after childbirth takes time, and pregnancy and childbirth are difficult for the  female body. You may have been told that it takes 6 to 8 weeks after giving birth, but most  women will tell you that they do not feel "healed" as quickly.  


Promoting breastfeeding as a possible reason for the isolation of young mothers is risky. There are many  opinions on this, but not recognizing the social impact of breastfeeding on young mothers will harm  them. It takes hours and hours to care for a baby. When your baby was born, you added a lot of  babysitting time to your routine. How many? According to the US Time Use Study, mothers with children under one year of age are fully responsible for 22 hours of childcare per week 

Daily routine changes after child birth. 

Changing Your Daily Routine You may not be able to think about small interactions all day. A regular morning chat with a barista in a cafe, an afternoon chat with a security guard in the office, or an exchange with other yogis in the gym. Tired of communicating. The new parents are tired. As mentioned  earlier, recovery from childbirth can take several months. 

Changes in Your Relationship with your spouse

Quality time with your partner (if you’re not a single mom) can also decrease after you have a baby. 

Feel more Connected by following this steps 

Don't see a group nearby that matches your needs or interests? Make your own! This may not be the  project you are preparing in the first few weeks after giving birth, but there is no reason why you won't be able to build what you need in a few months. Sites like Facebook provide a platform where you can  find other moms to join your group. You can also find members of your new group at your local library,  community center, or chapel. Take a walk, visit the park, or enter the library. This advertised toddler  story library class is not (no) for newborns. They are for you. Libraries, bookstores, and sometimes toy  stores run fairy tale courses where moms can bond with their babies. 

This is just a temporary phase. 

Maybe before your baby arrived, you’d go out for dinner with friends for three hours. Now, maybe you only have time to drop by for 30 minutes. Those 30 minutes can be worth the effort to connect. 

Also, remember that your baby won’t be a newborn forever. This is a time of transition and change. Things will get better.


Pooja Shah is a post graduate in economics and worked as a teacher in a reputed institution for almost 5 years. She is a mother of two kids, she is an avid reader and carries passion for writing.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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