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Family Bonding Activites

by Vichitra Goel 12 Aug 2021 0 Comments

Today’s modern lifestyle keeps all of us occupied, so much so that we often have no time for our near and dear ones. Families find it difficult to bond with each other due to their busy schedules. While the parents are swamped with work, the kids are lost in the plethora of activities organized for them. With time constraints gaping at all of us, it gets challenging to connect with the children. What if you could spend quality time with your kids and feel a strong bond with them? How about engaging in activities that strengthen your relationship all the while you enjoy yourselves? Read through our list of activities that support family bonding and entertainment even when you run short on time!

  1. Read a book together: The best way to spend time together with your kids is to read out to them. Curl up with their favorite reads and bond over tales of fascinating landscapes and magical creatures!
  2. Get messy and crafty: Kids love making a mess and their joy will know no bounds when you get dirty and messy with them. Let your creative juices flow and paint your heart out with them. 
  3. Don’t just be a sport, play one too! Pick up any sport that your kids love and get, set, and play! This will not only keep you physically active but is also a great way to gel better with your kids.
  4. It’s all a child’s play: Children are always up on their toes, scampering around playing something or the other. It’s time for you to join them in their play like another child. Be one of them and you will never be away from them!
  5. Get outdoors: Go for a long drive, cycle together or simply become walk-partners and explore the areas around. There is nothing like bumping into tiny nooks and crannies that give you a place to hang out with your loved ones.
  6. Dance like no one’s watching: Play the latest groovy tracks, get your party lights on and have a ball with the entire family jazzing it up with their moves. The mantra is to let everyone be themselves with no hesitations and simply revel at the moment. 
  7. Organize a movie night: Most of our weekends get a kick-start with a family movie night. Simply get a large (make that huge) tub of popcorn, dim the lights and play out your favorite movie. P.S. movie nights are best watched when snuggled in with your family!
  8. Go down the memory lanes: Don’t we love visiting our childhood and cherish the long-lost moments? Recollect those golden memories with your kids, tell them about your childhood friends, the games you played pore over the old photographs, and relive the time. Kids are fond of listening to stories and when they are closer home with their parents as real characters, the tales are going to be more interesting for them. 

We are sure you have got enough ideas to help you connect and bond with your family. All you need is next weekend to try them out!


Vichitra Goel is a post graduate in English literature and has worked as a University Professor till the time she became a mother. Since then she's been busy raising a little reader, writing, Instagramming, DIY-ing, hoarding craft-supplies, and procrastinating decluttering! 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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