Extra Curricular Activities.. Are they Really Extra.. 

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Are you as a mother sick of escorting your kids between classes?
Do you have trouble deciding which class to enrol your child in?
In order to avoid competition, you want to enrol your child in the same class as their friend.
Moms, halt for a moment.

The child is finally relieved that school is out for the day and at ease as he rides the bus home after a long, stressful day at school where they constantly barrage his brain with new ideas, lessons, theories, assignments, and homework. Even though the bus is overflowing, children can be seen smiling inside because they are glad that school is done and they are finally returning home. Sweet Home, indeed! They require a lengthy vacation from the daily grind of school in order to be themselves, hang out with their pals after school, and enjoy some unstructured playtime. But regrettably, the situation today is different.

A mother/helper and a clock are waiting for them as soon as they walk inside the house. The timer will indicate that you have 15 minutes to get dressed, use the restroom, and eat lunch. Additionally, if the parents pick up their kids, they can watch TV for an additional ten minutes. After that, they have an hour of homework to complete before getting ready for after-class activities. Classes like cricket, badminton, skating, painting, craft, and dance could be offered. Singing. Chess is just one example among many. The child is once more crammed into a car or two-wheeler and driven through polluted roads to classes. In the meantime, because of the transit time, it is late in the evening when they return home. Since it is late at night when they arrive home due to the transportation time, they are unable to enjoy any desired free time for play because all of their neighbourhood buddies have already returned home.
These after school classes have become a fad with many parents. It has become a competition among them where the child is the guinea pig. 

Please, parents, pause for a moment and reflect. We as parents are their best supporters and will unquestionably provide them the finest when the time is right.

Reflect on the following a few questions and give them some thought.

Is the child engaged in every lesson that they are taking?
Does he possess the aptitude and flair necessary for it?
Is he fit enough physically for the class?

After a hard day at school, is he or she emotionally prepared to tackle another class?

Is mom capable of giving her child more of her time or adding value to his day? I ask because mom spends the entire day at home and, if she works a job, she must juggle taking care of the family and her job.

When we as parents look back, what we really cherish is our childhood days where we had lots of free time , not burdened with school activities .We would love to go back to those days. 

If we take away the very freedom that we so dearly loved, would your child ever wish to return to his childhood?

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Megha writes on a broad range of subjects for websites and continues to ensure her business clients are advantaged by her writing skills. She is a content creator and academic writer. She is a Human Resource Professional and a Lecturer in University. After becoming a Mother, Megha set herself up as a freelance writer and consultant. 

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    Excellent information. Thanks

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