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Every Mother Is Different

by Aditi Srivastava 09 Jun 2020 18 Comments

Every Mother Is Different

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash



Many of us have heard it through our motherhood journey, “Don’t compare your child with any one”. Every child is different, they will do everything according to their own pace.

Many of us have also heard that ‘No two pregnancy is same.” Each has its own ups and down and their own journey.

I remember when I was pregnant, 2 of my closest friends were also carrying at the same time. Our due dates were just days apart. We use to discuss everything, about morning sickness, nausea, bloating etc. Nothing was ever the same with us. I did not have morning sickness at all. My friend did not have nausea. In fact, my due date was the farthest and my baby came the earliest. Whenever we discuss about it the conclusion was always the same, the journey of every pregnancy is different.

But suddenly when I became a mother everything changed. I wanted to put my baby on diapers because I was too tired to keep changing the cloth nappy and I was looked down upon. I was not confident to hold my baby for 3 days because I was scared of her wobbly head and I was being snapped by my relatives. I was told that some random cousin of mine had this motherhood all sorted, why can’t I do the same. My cousin always made motherhood look like a fairy tale, whereas for me initial one and a half month was a nightmare. C-section, backpain, a wailing child and a huge expectation to live up to. Constantly I was reminded what a ridiculous job I am doing.

Today my daughter is 6.5 months. I started bathing her on my own after she turned two months. My friend still doesn’t have the confidence to bathe her baby. Does that mean she is a bad mother? Absolutely not. Whatever I have learnt with my experience, is that just like every baby and pregnancy is different, every mother is also different. Just like every child reaches their milestones at their own pace, every mother learns to do things with her baby according to her sweet time. Some may learn to latch first while the other may learn to hold the baby first. Not every mother knows how to change nappy perfectly and that’s fine.

There is a reason god made me the mother of my child. Biologically, there is nobody better equipped to take care of my baby. So, what if I still keep losing her wash cloth and end up buying a new set, what matters at the end is my baby smiles when she looks at me. She knows that I am her mother. When she is sleepy, there is nobody who could put her down to sleep. Just like an apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree, my baby crawls towards me when she needs someone.

Also, one must also never forget that every mother wants the best for their child. You may not agree to her methods but that doesn’t make them wrong.




Aditi SrivastavaAditi Srivastava is a part time software engineer, part time aspiring blogger and a full time hands on mom to a baby girl named Vedika. She writes about millenial couples and parenting from her own personal experience. She strongly believes in #equalparenting.




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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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12 Jun 2020 Roshni Kushwaha

Beautifully written… Congratulations dear

10 Jun 2020 Priyanka

Very well written Aditi !!
Many Congratulations.

Can’t wait to read more of your writing.

10 Jun 2020 Kevin

Beautifully written , waiting to read many such articles from you , about your experiences .

09 Jun 2020 Sukriti Mohan

Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️

09 Jun 2020 Aditya Burman

Very well formulated..Keep it up, God bless..

I know Aditi since 14 years.
If she has written something, it must be true and certainly will be with experience and knowledge.

A girl with practical approach and positive attitude who is a good friend, nice daughter, supportive wife and surely will be a one of the best mothers..

Looking forward to read your more articles soon..

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