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Essential Items For A Newborn Baby

Congratulation on becoming a new parent. Welcome a new life full of joy, big hugs, and sweet kisses. You are entering the new phase of life which is known as...

Essentials For A Newborn Baby

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Congratulation on becoming a new parent. Welcome a new life full of joy, big hugs, and sweet kisses. You are entering the new phase of life which is known as parenthood. As it is the first time, parents are confused to make the list of essential items for newborns.

A newborn baby needs more care because it is a new world for your child. Newborn babies are more sensitive and un-immune. Mother’s womb is the safest place so baby needs full attention and care from their parents.

Compiled a list of items to help you to enjoy the new and wonderful journey 

- Bath times:

You need these bathing products from the time baby born. So you also keep one set of all the baby bath items in your hospital bag.

  1. Baby wash helps to clean up baby
  2. Baby lotion to keeps baby skin moisturize and soft
  3. Face cream will brighten baby more
  4. Baby shampoo to keep baby’s hairs smooth
  5. Baby hairbrush helps to solve the knots in their hair


- Feeding:

After birth first thing baby needs is mother milk. And things which mothers need to feed a baby with comfort.

  1. Feeding pillow to feed a baby with comfort and keep baby incorrect posture
  2. Breast pump if a baby doesn’t take breast milk properly then you can pump milk.
  3. Feeding bib will ease the discomfort to feed the baby at a public place
  4. Nipple shield will help to protect the nipples and also help the baby to latch nipples properly
  5. Nipple cream protects the nipples from the crack and infection.


- Baby Care:

Babies pass 15-20 times urine in a day and wetness is the main cause of rashes in babies. So keep these all products always in stock.

  1. Baby wipes help to clean baby skin easily after birth. New parents face a difficulty to carry and clean the baby under the tab water. Baby wipes are the best solution for them.
  2. Diapers keep baby sleep comfortable all night
  3. Diaper changing mat will help to keep the baby and baby area clean while changing the diapers
  4. Rash cream keeps baby skin dry. Always use diaper rash cream before diaper.
  5. Bed protector mats keep bed wet when you are not using a diaper.


- Baby Hygiene And Safety:

1. Sanitizer baby immunity is weak. So always wash the hands with sanitizer before carrying a baby.

2. Bottle cleaning liquid and brush helps to clean the bottle before boil or sterilize.

3. Sterilizer is easy to use and helps to keep baby products germs free.

4. Nail clipper keeps baby nails clean and maintains the hygiene


- Clothes and comforters:

1. Thermal wear always keep a set of thermal wear even baby born in summers

2. Baby’s clothes for babies comfort. The baby needs more sets of clothes in a day. So always keep five pairs ready all the time.

3. Night suits choose comfortable clothes for a night so baby can sleep for long.

4. Baby warmer keep one warm blanket

5. Mittens help to protect baby hands and little fingers.

6. Bibs keep baby clean when baby splits milk.


Enjoy the new journey with the little bundle of joy. This journey is not going to be easy and you have to face many difficult situations. The only mantra to enjoy it is KEEP CALM AND BE HAPPY

All the best
Happy Parenting!





Shreya Goel

Shreya Goel is a mother of a two year old son. She is a working mother who loves to spend time with her family. She believes that parenting makes you learn many things with time. Her son inspires her to start writing and to try to help more parents. 



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