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Don't Be Just Parents, Be An Example Of Good Parents

by Srijita Dhar 09 Sep 2021 0 Comments


Parenting is an exceptionally vital and memorable phase of our life. We have to remember that parenting supports and promotes psychological and physical development of a child. During this development of a child, the impression from parents can be strongly determined. And this is the reason, why we, parents should be more careful with our behaviour in front of our children. There are some tips that parents should be avoided when their children are present:

Do not shout to anyone and also don’t dominate

In front of your children do not shout to your husband or wife or any other people. It makes a heavy impression on your child. Sometimes, excessive shouting of parents towards others makes a bad influence on children. Similarly, excessive dominating attitudes of parents towards each other or even on children can make the situation worse. These types of attitudes can make your children aggressive.

Big “No” to the use of any bad language

Never use any bad or foul language in front of your children. May, at the hit of a moment you use any bad language and your child will ask you its meaning. That would be a bit difficult for any parents. Thus, while you are using words or language, you have to be more careful. Listening bad words from parents can develop an attitude among children, and they would start to use those words too. So, be careful!

Do not lie

It is very important to not lie in front of your children. Basically, a child’s brain is very transparent and it follows the attitudes of parents. Thus, if parents are lying in front of them, then children may also follow this. It would be very bad for their cognition, emotional and psychological development. So, never tell lies while your children are around you.


Not criticize your children or others

You have to remember, one more thing — never criticize your children in front of them. If you continuously criticize your children, they would feel low. It declines their self-confidence and also affects their mental condition. Moreover, continuous criticism from parents also hampers the bonding between child and parents. Besides this, also not criticize other children in front of your child. It develops a negative cognitive attitude in your children towards others. They may feel themselves superior to others. It is also harmful for a child’s emotional and psychological improvement.

Ignore your children

When your child wants your attention, please do not ignore them. Ignorance towards your children makes them sad and unhappy. During the development phase of a child, if he gets ignorance from their parents, they may be more aggressive and stubborn.

Not always pamper your children

Yes, you read right. Over pampering is not good for a child. If you always pamper your children, then they may materially possess rather than being loved or affectionate. Thus, parents should not always fulfil materialistic expectations of children. Instant fulfilment of materialistic expectation can make you children more demanding, which is not good at all.



Srijita Dhar is the team leader of Content Researcher team and spontaneous blogger at Blogspot. Srijita created blogs and contents for marketing as well as for generating branding campaigns. Digital content creation is one of her passions. Connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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