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Do Not Ignore Your Muscle Pain

Moms, don't ignore the muscle pains! In many cases, sore and aching muscles are nothing major, and you can resolve it at home without medical treatment. However, muscle pains can...

Do Not Ignore Your Muscle Pain
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"Hey! Where are you going early morning, Antara? You know that your muscles are already aching due to exercise! Still you wake up every morning and go to exercise!?"
Antara was tying the shoes laces and Vivaan was advising her while being sleepy on the bed.
"Vivaan! You know if I don't exercise, then I have more trouble.. My other health issues will trigger "

"But you feel tired all day long...obviously your muscles are aching. Mom was also telling that you look dull and exhausted while dealing with all household chores. You look sad and tired."

After hearing all these Antara got upset. Yes, she has muscle aches but what does it mean to keep laughing and dancing while doing household chores. Antara dropped her plan of morning exercise after Vivaan insisted. She quickly prepared breakfast and got the children ready for school. Antara came quietly to her room after giving tea and breakfast to her mother in law. Antara didn't ask her about anything what Vivaan said. She was annoyed at the fact that mother-in-law had complained about her to Vivaan. Antara used to be very vigilant about fitness and exercising was an important part of her daily routine, but don't know why her muscles were in pain for the last few days, due to which she had to listen taunts by her family all day. Mother-in-law dialogues are like oil to fire. 
"My mother in law always says, ' do the household works. Lets mop by yourself.. Wash clothes with hands, so there is no need to do other exercises' , but nowadays people would hire maids for household work and enroll with gyms for exercise...they get pain in the body."

Now Antara was used to hearing all this and being upset with these talks of mother in law was normal to her. She thought that all these doing households could have happened in old times. Maybe these rules apply at that time. But in today's mechanization phase, everyone needs to be facilitated. Who can explain her mom in law that what is the harm to health due to exercise in the morning?

By the afternoon Antara got involved in kitchen work because today her mother-in-law's cousin, who was a well-known doctor in Chennai, had come to that city for some work and was just about to visit her sister. Antara always liked Rashmi Mausi's behavior. She also used to talk to her on the phone and seek health advice. Rashmi Mausi always take care of Antara's health and appreciate her by telling her sister that 'you are very lucky that you have found such a health-conscious daughter-in-law. Rashmi mausi came in the afternoon. Everyone welcomed her with enthusiasm. As soon as Rashmi Mausi saw Antara's face, she said, " Hey Antara, why are you looking so much dull and tired ? Is there all okay?"
Before Antara spoke anything , her mother-in-law said
"Oh leave it, all these things...first come and have some food, then after we will sit and talk. You have come from so far"
Antara became sad again. Then she thought that in the evening, then she would definitely ask her, what is the reason for the trouble she is going through nowadays?
By evening, children and Vivaan also came. There was a good movement in the house. Antara also made Rashmi Mausi's favorite dumplings and ginger tea. Rashmi Mausi told Vivaan
"Vivaan! You don't take care of Antara at all. When I met her last time, she seemed so blossoming, now look how extinguished as if she is sick"
"Yes mausi! Please explain this to her, I am tired of explaining all these things .. She feels bad even if mom says anything. Now tell me, when there is muscle soreness, there is groaning throughout the day, then what is purpose of wake up in the morning to exercise? Everyone knows that more exercise causes pain in the body, a light walk will be enough on the terrace. "
"Good Vivaan! You know a lot, how many hours do you exercise?"
"Oh no mausi ! I don't get into all these extravagant tasks. My body is fit. I just come home from the office by walk in the evening, that's enough for me."
Antara's heart was supposed to crying out. It's like all together were behind her. No one wants to know her suffering and Vivaan who is praising himself by patting his own back, did not give any credit to Antara who takes care of breakfast, food, nutritious elements on time so that Vivaan will be full of energy throughout the day and keep himself in order to handle the work well. In the midst of all this she is unable to take care of herself at all.
Rashmi Mausi had read the expression on Antara's face, she took a deep breath and turned to Vivaan and said:
"Look Vivaan! Muscle pain is not just by exercising. There can be other reasons like stress, dehydration, nutritional deficiency, lack of sleep or some internal disease .. Vivaan! Those who feel more stressed. There is more pain in their muscles because the muscles start swelling due to stress, in the same way, if there is already muscle pain and you are drinking less water during the day, then it increases the pain as well as headaches. And other problems also come. I think Antara takes no care about her nutrition and taking care of all of you and if she does not go out to exercise or take a walk then she will not get sunlight in the morning which will increase muscle pain. Looking at Antara's eyes,
I can clearly see that she is sleeping late at night and wakes up early in the morning all because of you. Stress hormones also reduce sleep due to which it helps the muscles. The pain is legitimate. "

Vivaan and his mother sat down with their head looking towards Antara. He felt as if he had committed a big crime. How would he say that he never asked Antara that what you were suffering from, but he used to make fun of her problems. According to his own convenience, he used to give advice to her. You don't do this, you don't do that, but no one has even thought about what to do. Rashmi Mousi then said, "Antara you should take care of yourself. If there was pain in the muscles for a long time then you should have taken some medical advice. It may be a symptom of some internal disease like anemia, arthritis or something else. You can get rid of this anxiety by doing the right test!"
Tears flowed from Antara's eyes.
"Yes mausi ! I will apologize. Actually the mistake is my own. I have always wondered why my family members do not understand my problems, but I have not even noticed that I don't understand my own problems. I was increasing my discomfort. Now my eyes have opened and now I will take care of my house as well as my own. "
"No beta! this is my fault! You take care of the whole house. Is it not our responsibility to take care of you? If you will not be healthy, the whole house will not be healthy."
Antara noticed that Vivaan's mother had a sense of remorse in her eyes. Rashmi mausi shouts loudly
"Okay then! Antara, let's have an extra plate of pakaura and a hot cup of tea over it. I come so far to drink only to drink your hand's tea."
Seeing the atmosphere getting lighter, everyone laughed and Antara turned to kitchen " Why one? .. drink two cups instead of.. "
"If I have forgiven, give me a cup too wifey " Vivaan said.
"No! You won't get any tea. You will have to come to the kitchen and help me."
"I was just waiting to hear this," he ran towards kitchen and everyone started laughing.

Moms! Don't ignore the muscle pains. It can occur in adults or children. In many cases, sore and aching muscles are nothing to worry about and will resolve without medical treatment. However, muscle pains can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying illness.

The most common causes of muscle pain are:
. Stress
. Nutritional deficit
. Dehydration
. Sprains and strains
. Sleep deficiencies
. Too much physical activity
. Infections, diseases, and hereditary conditions

Some home remedies for muscle pain:
. Rest
. Ice pack
. Compression bandage
. Feet elevation
. OTC pain relievers
. Proper stretching
. Yoga and meditation

Muscle pain that is severe or does not resolve by home remedies may be a symptom of an underlying condition that requires medical assessment and treatment. So don't ignore it, take care of yourself, prioritize your own health, and go for it!




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