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Dilemmas of a New Mum

by 360 & 5 Collaborator 17 Aug 2018 0 Comments

Submitted by Gunika Sethi


Photo by Liv Bruce on Unsplash

Emotional stress and sleepless nights quickly become the word for a new mum and are the main reasons for the mom dilemma. One surely gets tired of hearing and saying this all the time… isn’t it?

But hey, it’s not only emotional stress and sleepless nights that come along with new motherhood, there are much more to it like negative feelings, blood pressure, etc

Excessive feelings of mom guilt may even cause you to experience depression, anxiety, or poor mental fitness. This drastically affects the life and takes a toll on their emotional as well as mental health. Your life suddenly changes upside down and how much ever you are prepared with everything for your newborn to arrive in your little world. Every day and every moment can still be very challenging for new parents but then it varies from person to person, and trust me, I have no intention of scaring you off. Instead, this article would be more like, a “story of our lives” or just the fact – hey, you are not alone in this!

I am sure you have the cot ready, your Jappa or maid for the baby sorted, baby’s room set, ordered diapers, bath chair, rocker, etc. and so many more things even before the baby comes. In my case, I even got the soundproofing done on my floor, thanks to the crazy honking that we have to bear for our house being on the main road. So, I was pretty sorted just like so many other pregnant couples and felt pretty ready for the baby to come.

When the D Day arrived, I even dressed up when I went for delivery with my hair straightened, eyeliner on, nail paints on point, and a Long-wear nude Lipper adorned as if Iowa’s literally ready to welcome the baby, only the thaal was missing, the way it is shown in Ekta Kapoor shows… dayyuuumm!!! Me and husband even got our hard drive to watch movies while we waited for the labor pains to start, cute right?

No, it’s absurd. But we were happily absurding and enjoying every bit of it. And just to tell you all my preps went down the drain when the nurse made me change into the weird back open hospital gown as soon as I entered the room and removed my nail paints. I was shattered. The next thing was hooking me onto those huge ass machines, and that was it. My labor and labor pains started and apparently I was only supposed to deliver the baby and nothing else mattered.

Still, it was the most exceptional certain number of hours of my life and no mother can ever forget them… it’s indescribable... and only mothers can’t get this feeling without putting them into words.

And the first look at the baby, that moment is magical. It's far from imagination to believe that you made the baby and he came right from within you. He is literally a part of you. I have to say, fathers, contribute equally from the start of this journey, but mothers turn out to be just so much more fortunate enough to have this honor of giving birth.

And from that very moment, your mommyhood hormones become super active and you know everything about what you want for your baby. Trust me, it’s a huge statement to make but it’s a fact. You are adorned suddenly with some superpowers and you know everything about your baby, what’s right and what’s wrong, Few of you are thinking, “mujhe toh Kuch nai pata tha” right?

That’s your myth or mental blockage per say. I strongly believe that mothers can do anything for their babies through their gut feel and that’s the key. You must believe in yourself that you know what you are doing for your baby. You know when he is hungry and when he is not. When he is sleepy and when he is not. When he needs breast milk supply and when he should be given formula if at all. You simply have to trust your gut and you will become a super mom. Having said all of that, your partner’s and your family’s support will make things, even more, healthier and happier for you.

So, to conclude this article, I’ll say, you don't need to read books to refer to becoming a good mom. You just have to trust what your intuition tells you and move along with your partner and family to raise your baby well.

New mommy life will be so much better and more fun when you go with the flow!! You can take my word on this.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store

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Gunika SehgalGunika is a beauty blogger mom sharing her journey of motherhood through her blogs. She had been previously working as a marketing manager with India's top IT firm and now working as a full time mommy blogger to give the best of her time and energy to her baby while pursuing her passion for makeup and writing alongside.. She has her little nest of a happy family based in Delhi, India

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