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Baby Room Decor on A Budget

When the child is between ages 5 -10, they are full of curiosity and want to explore everything. So, the first step that you need to keep in mind while...

Baby Room Decor on A Budget


The most interesting part of decorating home is a kid's room. As we all have a kid in us. We enjoy the innovative and creative things that we can do in their rooms. I greatly enjoyed it! When the child is between ages 5 -10, they are full of curiosity and want to explore everything. So, the first step that you need to keep in mind while decorating a child’s bedroom is their interest and likes. The design should be trendy and such that it spikes them to be more imaginative and curious. Also, we should design the room in such a way that it can be modified according to the child’s age and requirements, because as they age their choices and interests will vary vastly.

Few steps before choosing and executing the design

  • Placement of furniture-The first thing to consider while you select the furniture and place it is that the corners should not be pointed. So, when the child is playing, they don’t accidentally bump and hurt themselves. The measurement of the furniture should be proportionate with the child’s physical parameters. The furniture should be minimal, so that they get a more spacious room. A twin bed or bunk bed with soft corners is a great option for a bed. Use only a plank for your study table and overhead shutters with adjustable shelves, so that they can be modified whenever needed. Instead of going for old fashioned wooden wardrobes, go for modular furniture which has lovely colors, and small wardrobes so that they are easier to clean and affordable.
  • Use of Paints/Colors & Wallpapers-Colors play an important role in a child’s bedroom. And before there were some stereotypes like blue for a boy and pink for girls, but now as the times have changed. Children have their own choices in color’s try not to use very strong tones of any colors and stick to one or a maximum of two colors and not more than that. Try to use a combination of softer hues that make the room warm and cozy. Try for instance a creative wallpaper of your child’s interest area by customizing it and use a particular color with a mild tone on the remaining wall. Nowadays, wallpapers have a lot of themes like animals, birds, solar system, ocean, etc. It will create wonders in your child’s room.
  • Use of Decorative Articles and Indoor Plants-In today's digital world, children spend their maximum time with laptops, cell phones or T. V straining their eyes. So, make a point of keeping some green indoor plants in their room. Plants keep them soothing during the day and give them a sense of responsibility for watering them and taking care of them. The other option is   keeping a small decorative fountain of flowing water or a small aquarium in the room. This will make your kid's room alive.
  • Use of Curtains and Upholstery -Keep their floor covered with either vinyl flooring or carpet, so there is no danger of slipping off the floor and getting hurt, and it is very comforting to the kid's feet as well. For curtains, there are plenty of options available in the market with customized services available according to your requirement, but try to stick with sheer curtains with the white or light cream tone. So, the heat won't enter the room, but it will still illuminate the room. There are many options available in the market and you can choose from them. For the child’s head back one can reuse material that you have and create mixed patterns, you can also use jute and cotton with different stitching styles and colors.
  • Use of Proper Lightening-The best possible affordable lights are panel lights, which are ceiling mounted. A simple table lamp will suffice the requirement during study times. Always prefer white lights, so it will not confuse with color shades, which might create a bit of problem with intermediate lights (Yellow). Panel lights are pretty affordable compared to other light fixtures. You don't need any picture lights so you can avoid using them.

The most important thing about designing is execution, and that too affordable. You have a lot of options for materials offline as well as online. So, choose wisely, and select the material that is low in maintenance. And you can then change the room every few years. So, start decorating and enjoy it. I did!

Nidhi Inamdar is a freelance content writer from past 2 years. A former HR person, she is very passionate about reading and writing and decided to pursue something that she loved after she was blessed with a daughter. Now she spends her time writing professionally and butting heads with her super active daughter.

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