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Dealing With Pampered Kids

If we fulfill all their all demands and wishes even if they are unreasonable, it is going to make them more stubborn and also...

Dealing With Pampered Kids

We all love our kids, as for each and every parents their kids are important.

But, Are we raising our kids as spoiled child or pampered child?

All children are stubborn at the age of 4-6 years. It is ok for some time to be stubborn but not always.

As I mentioned that we all love our kids, but at the same time we need to say NO to them if they are asking something which we cannot give them or we don't want to give them at a particular time. We all pamper our child which is ok as kids are so innocent and if we have single child then he/she became stubborn but at the same time we have to learn to ‘say NO' to them it is not necessary that we have to agree with them every time as it is going to became very difficult for us in future.

Even if they are in nuclear family or a joint family, if we are going to fulfill all their all demands and wishes even if they are unreasonable, it is going to make them more stubborn and also going to be a headache for us later on.

I am not saying that don't fulfill their demands and wishes as we are earning for them only so that we can give them a better future and a good education but when it comes to unnecessary demands then I personally avoid. Even I have a toddler and he is having daily a new demand but I used to avoid to heard his all unnecessary demands. It is not necessary to fulfill their every small wish, give them which you thought that it is actually required for them. As I saw many kids are having mobile phones, tabs and many other things at the age when they actually not needed it.

Looking at the current situation (Covid 19) when kids are taking online classes due to Covid 19 but we can give them i-pad, tablets but why a mobile phone.. here I am not talking only about the expensive gifts, toys but sometimes kids ask for silly things and they started cry if they are not getting it. And we can't see our cry babies so we give them what they demand for., but this is not at all good for them and for us too. I saw many kids they started cry in front of anyone if their demands not going to be fulfilled. We have to stay little strong in this matter and even a little bit strict too, say NO if it is actually needed.

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I hope some of mothers will agree with me here, we have to give them love, pampered them some times but never spoiled our kids. Some times their grand parents don't want to make them cry and they fulfilled all of the wishes but it is not good at all. I am writing this with my personal experiences. So it s not required that you all will be agree with it, but yes still I want to know from all of moms out there to be reply or comment after read this blog.


Geetanjali RajaurGeetanjali is a mother of a 4 years old little champ, whose name is Kian. By professional she is an MBA who worked in the corporate sector for 7 years, but after giving birth, he is the only priority. Now , she is a part time mom blogger, a part time home tutor. She also makes learning videos on youtube for kids and food recipes. She is a full time mother who loves to share knowledge and try new things.



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