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Curating Gifts for Moms And New-born

Does the word 'gift' spark joy in your eyes? It brings fireworks to my mind. I get excited during birthdays, anniversaries, and a few festivals such as Christmas. I love...


Does the word 'gift' spark joy in your eyes? It brings fireworks to my mind. I get excited during birthdays, anniversaries, and a few festivals such as Christmas. I love gifting people and curating it for them. Currently, there are agencies and businesses which help in curating gifts for our loved ones. I am referencing curation to a top-notch beyond personalized gifts. Recently, our family got blessed with a cute baby living in another part of the world. I have been brainstorming gifting options since August. It's October, and I haven't finalized the gift box yet. I have researched the gifting options for moms and new-borns. 

I have narrowed some options for gifting moms and would-be moms. 

  1. Postpartum depression is a common phenomenon observed after the delivery. You could always curate a box filled with goodies such as cozy joggers, organic creams, herbal teas, their favourite cookie jar, and maybe a one-handed snack jar. 
  2. Books could be best buddies for new moms accompanying them during late-night breastfeeding season. During pregnancy, women pick up reading habits mostly. A subscription book box would be an ideal gift. 
  3. In the digital era, we are heading to old-school life with planners and journals. Journals help new mothers document details of their pregnancy journey. It’s an ideal gift for baby showers. I am sure she would note that night when the baby kicked for the first time. A journal might help them deal with postpartum depression. 
  4. Dealing with a tiny human being could be stressful for first-time mothers. Send a self-care kit to the new mom. She could enjoy a calming pedicure while the baby naps. Self-care kits could range from soul foods to eye creams. 
  5. Maternity photo shoots are emerging as a trend. A photoshoot would be the most loved gift for the parents and grandparents. After the delivery, every parent gets busy with the baby. You could plan a photo shoot with the family to help them create memories.
  6. If the parents are having their second child, you could be coordinating sleepwear for siblings. There are stores that design sleepwear for moms and kids. Stores have also started curating boxes which include scrunchies for moms, kids wear, and toys along with clothes. 
  7. Accessory boxes are curated for moms to capture the growing months of their new-borns. My best friend is a baker by profession, and she introduced me to the concept of placards. She would create a cake in sync with the month and place placards to shoot pictures. It is a brilliant concept to film golden moments for a lifetime. 

I haven't placed my gift order yet as I am super confused at the moment. I have seen my friends have kids, and there is no joy beyond that. I believe gifting is a unique way to show your love to the newest member of the family. Everyone loves gifts. Mom’s love dressing their new-born. Your gift boxes might sprinkle a bit of glamour into their hectic life. I hope you enjoyed reading my recommendations for moms and would-be moms. 


Nidhi Srivastava is working with a pharma intelligence company, a published author, and an avid reader. She is passionate about writing and maintains a daily blog to capture varied life experiences. She has been a book reviewer with various Indian publication houses for the past few years.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.



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