Co-Sleeping: Boon Or Bane

Co-Sleeping: Boon Or Bane
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It is the most debated topic among parents and pediatricians. Some parents love co-sleeping and some parents love the concept of the crib and a separate room for babies.

In Western countries, crib or cot sleeping for babies are common. They have the concept of independent living since an early age especially newborn. But, in Eastern countries co-sleeping or bed-sharing is a common concept.

Parents co-sleep with babies from newborn to till they find comfortable sleeping with babies. It is a part of many Eastern cultures. They believe a strong bond creates between parents and kids.

But today it is a controversial topic and parents and pediatricians divide themselves into two groups. One group is towards co-sleeping and another group is against co-sleeping.

In today's article, I will share certain points that will help you decide which group you want to belong to. Co-sleeping is sharing the same sleeping environment with the baby. Parents can place the cot or crib in their bedroom and enjoy co-sleeping.

The bed-sharing concept is parents and babies sleep in the same bed. There is not much difference between both of them.

Co-sleeping Advantages

1. Every time the baby cries for milk or attention, you do not have to wake up and rush to the baby's room all with sleepy eyes. Waking up suddenly from sleep and running to the baby's room can cause accidents like sudden hits on the wall or door and you may injure yourself.Bed-sharing or co-sleeping with your baby reduces the chances of accidents and you can immediately give attention to your baby's cry.

2. For breastfeeding moms, its a bliss. You can sleep with your baby and you can continue midnight breastfeeding without any sleep disturbance. Even your baby does not have to cry for too long to grab your attention.

3. Babies love the touch of their mothers. It gives them comfort, security, and warmth. They will get the mother's intention without a loud cry.

4. It's not about also feeding, babies need attention for a diaper change, sudden cry because of baby dreams, physical discomfort, or pain can be avoided if the baby co-sleep with the mother or parents.

5. In infants or toddlers, there is less rate of separation anxiety. They love to stay close to their parents and enjoy the bedtime routine.

6. Happy Mornings are the best because every parent loves to open their eyes with a warm snuggle with their babies. It is the best feeling for parents.

7. Babies love the touch of mothers. When they sleep and hear the lullaby which the mums hum for the babies gives them ultimate comfort. They even love the heartbeat of their mother because this is the sound that babies hear inside the womb too.

8. Co-sleeping or bed-sharing generate bonding in family or baby bonds with the father. It even improves and strengthens the family time.

Co-Sleeping Disadvantages

  1. Your sex life goes for a toss when you co-sleep with the baby. Having sex becomes a planned schedule rather than a surprise interest.
  2. A slight movement of your body on the bed can break the sleep of the baby. If you want to go to the toilet, you have to be a thief to make a boundless approach towards getting out of bed.
  3. You cannot sleep with open hair or too many pillows on the bed for extra comfort. It can cause danger to your baby.
  4. You have to sleep sober so that your baby's hands or legs do not come under your body parts. Or else, it may hurt or choke the baby.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of co-sleeping will help you to decide which one works for you the best. If you are a new mom or new would-be parents, do not fall for the marketing gimmick of cot manufacturers.

Do's and Dont's of Co-sleeping

  • Parents must make a proper plan on how to be on the same page before co-sleeping.
  • If you are a new parent, work on your strengths to avoid co-sleeping mistakes.
  • Be a little alert at first and follow your baby's sleeping partner to understand

Choose what works best for you and your baby. After all, parents know the best for their babies. But, co-sleeping helps you reduces your anxiety, improves your sleep, and with time and practice parents become masters to move at a slow pace when the baby sleeps with you.


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