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Caring For Your New Born In The Covid19 Phase

This pandemic has brought such situation where we have to take extra care while looking after the new born. As they are very new to the world, everything is new...

Caring For Your New Born During The Covid19 Phase

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COVID-19 has given a very difficult time to each one of us. Full of uncertainties and fear, it has brought along lot of self dependency too. From the house chores to being a barber or plumber we are doing everything we can on our own and are enjoying everything too.  

We are definitely managing everything we can but living in a nuclear form away from our extended families and having a newborn to look after all alone is another challenge for all the expecting couples or new parents.

But this pandemic has brought such situation where we have to take extra care while looking after the new born. As they are very new to the world, everything is new for them. From environment to the climate, they will definitely take good time to adjust to the new world.


  1. No guests please: As a new mother you must be excited to introduce your little one to all the family members and has the situation been normal, of course you could have arranged a get together for either the welcome or the naming ceremony of the baby by calling your relatives and friends.But it’s definitely a big,” No” for the current situation. Don’t call any relatives or friends at home, instead make use of the high technology and give a video call to all your loved ones.
  2. Wash the hands and use sanitisers : Make it a habit for self and others who sit near or wish to hold the baby, to wash the hands properly and sanitise it well before holding or touching the baby.
  3. Minimum handling of the baby: Always make sure that the new baby is handled by some mature people in and around the house also. It would be better if very few people are allowed to hold the little one. One should strictly refrain kids from holding the new born.
  4. Feeding the baby: Newborns generally are breastfed so while feeding the baby make sure you clean your nipples well with water. And if they depend upon the formula milk, the milk bottle should be carefully washed and boiled properly.
  5. Regular massage : Massage is a good method for the circulation of blood and though the baby looks delicate , regular massage will not only help the baby in development but also increase your bond with the baby. So just wash your handle properly and with any massage oil give gentle strokes all over the body not spending much time in one area. It also helps the baby to have sound sleep.
  6. Washing the Baby Clothes: All the clothes of the baby should be washed be washed separately and dipped in any gentle antiseptic solution or in warm water to remove the extra detergent or germs. Parents should make sure not to put any new cloth on the baby directly . As it might have been exposed to too many places and passed on from many hands before it reached to you. So make sure it’s washed and sun dried first.


Being alert and careful is the key to stay and keep the new born safe. So just be a bit extra careful and make the most of your parenthood journey. 

Good Luck All New Mummies & Daddies!!




Sarita ShuklaSarita Shukla is a Graduate in Microbiology and MBA in HR, currently staying in Navi Mumbai. She is a proud Homemaker and mom to two naughty, cute little boys. Writing is her passion and blogging gave her a wonderful way to fulfil it. She writes Quotes, Captions, short stories and blogs right from her personal experiences, current topics, to the stories. Many of her stories won on various online platforms. She is a passionate writer and reader. 



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